Namal Episode 17

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Episode 17 Uploaded. read below.
نمل قسط ۱۷ کا نام “آدمی کے دو دل “ہے
یہ قسط قرآن مجید کی سورت ال احزاب کی اس آیت سے لی گی ہے
اللہ نے نہیں بناءے کسی آدمی کے سینے میں دو دل۔

Namal Episode 17 is AADMI KAY DO DIL
Its from Ayat of Surah Ahzaab in Quran
“Allah ne nahi banaye kisi Aadmi kay seenay me do dil”

Read Complete Episode of Namal by Nemrah Ahmed.

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Namal is very famous novel written by Nimrah Ahmed who is very famous Pakistani Writer. Nimrah ahmed is Millions of fans all over the world who loves to read her novels, and incessantly waits for Namal each month.
Namal is quite famous and very near to our religious teachings.

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