Facebook and Instagram Downtime March 5 2024

facebook and instagram downtime

On March 5, 2024, both Facebook and Instagram experienced significant outages, facebook and instagram downtime leaving users unexpectedly signed out and unable to access their accounts. Here are some details about the downtime:

Users experienced: Facebook Session Expired errors while trying to login to their Facebook account which was actually logged out.
  • Interestingly, Google’s platform also experienced login problems around the same time, suggesting a common cause between the outages at these two tech conglomerates.
  • Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, reported disruptions to its admin center and Facebook login services. This, in turn, affected third-party services that rely on Facebook login.
  • WhatsApp and the Facebook Ads Transparency page were apparently still working during the outage.
  • Google’s Ad Manager also faced disruptions, but most of its consumer-facing services, including Search and YouTube, remained functional.

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