PTA New Update for Free Mobile Registration in Pakistan


Good news for overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals! You can now use your cell phones for up to 120 days during your visit to Pakistan without any issues. This is thanks to the Temporary Registration Facilitation system, which allows for tax-free registration of personal mobile devices.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Eligibility: Overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals
  • Registration period: 120 days from the date of arrival
  • Required documents: Passport, CNIC, or NICOP
  • Registration platform: DIRBS (Device Identification Registration and Blocking System)
  • Registration guide: Available at


  • No need to purchase a local SIM card
  • Stay connected with friends and family
  • Access essential services and apps
  • Avoid potential roaming charges

How to register:

  1. Visit the DIRBS website at
  2. Select “Temporary Registration”
  3. Enter your personal information and passport details
  4. Enter your mobile phone’s IMEI number
  5. Submit your application
  6. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation message

Don’t miss out on this convenient service! Register your phone today and enjoy hassle-free connectivity during your stay in Pakistan.

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