Cheat Engine Download 6.8 and Settings

Cheat Engine Download

As you are aware and experienced the most frustrating part of a game is when you stuck at any specific area or a level. You then try a lot and get “no luck” either you leave the game or you try finding solution and google it. There are always cheats available. Including level chooser, skip level, skip or overcome the enemy and walk through that can guide you to continue and get out of stuck part. But when you exactly know what to do and where to go and you…

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Most dangerous WhatsApp scams you should know about

whatsapp scam

WhatsApp has number of users that are uncountable in simple digits. In other words one in six of world’s population is using some kind of messenger. However it is different in their relevant areas cities and countries. Whatsapp is most using messenger from 2016 till now and grabbed billion of users from other applications too. keeping it updated WhatsApp team has made it unique that other applications taking ideas and options from WhatApp including in theirs. However the whatsapp Scams are getting increase with time. Let us study about the…

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Ludo Star 2018 New Dice Game Latest Edition Download

ludo star 2018

Ludo star 2018 New 2018 online dice game – Now throw your dice and circulate your pieces across the whole playing board as per dice throw results. The task in this android game is to make all your peaches reach home before your opponents. From 2 players to 4 players can take play at a time. Also it is about LUCK. Trust your luck and strategic thinking, move pieces along the path, think over your moves and outrun opponents. You can compete with the artificial intelligence, your friends or with other…

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Basic Skills Development Free Educational Games

Free Educational Games

The Pre Primary Kids are very fast learners and repeaters if get something up in their mind, Agree? Here we are with colors, shapes, numbers to learn and Free Educational Games. Kids who are not yet in school have this opportunity to learn from this app and get aware and identify the basic shapes and numbers. Download the apk file to your android device and install it from File installer. The educational games are completely translated into English for kids, if you wish so, you also have the languages support…

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How to Use Cheat Engine to Hack PC Games

How to Use Cheat Engine to Hack PC Games Cheat engine hack is a very powerful tool for creating video game cheats by scanning the memory locations for the code they contain, and then modifying the code to create an advantage over other game players. It works on Windows platform and advanced programmers can code it so that their cheating is undetectable. Check out the god mode cheat for our Battlefield 4 Hack below (this has been patched). Let’s get started on our How to Cheat in Any Game Using Cheat Engine | Tutorial…

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Top10 Best PPSSPP Games For Android 2018

Let us first put light on what actually is PPSSPP. As per most authentic and known source of definition site WIKIPEDIA, PPSSPP stands for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. Also known as open-source PSP emulator for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Symbian which have increased the focus on the speed and portability. Henrik Rydgard, is the creater of PPSSPP that was released first in November 2012 and gone public. Henrik Rygard presents an incredible PlayStation that is used widely around the world now. PPSSPP is…

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How to Save Your Phone from PTA Blockage

how to save your mobile

We are going to share with you how to save your phone from PTA Blockage. As you are well aware that from last few days everyone receiving messages from PTA to register our phones by sending IMEI code or number. However, many people are not clear with it and not sure if their phone is compliant and the messages they are receiving from PTA. There are several type of messages you can receive after sending your IMEI number to 8484. But what actually these messages shows? Let us share with…

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How to check if your Mobile Phone Compliant with PTA


Recently Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA has implemented a new policy to check with your mobile phones with PTA and take confirmation if it is compliant or not. Every one is informed through various channels and SMS that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently introduced Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). This obligation is due to illegal use of devices and unregistered, smuggled mobile phones from other countries. In this connection PTA has started sending text messages (SMS) to the users to verify their phones well before October 20th so that they will be…

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