Most dangerous WhatsApp scams you should know about

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WhatsApp has number of users that are uncountable in simple digits. In other words one in six of world’s population is using some kind of messenger. However it is different in their relevant areas cities and countries. Whatsapp is most using messenger from 2016 till now and grabbed billion of users from other applications too. keeping it updated WhatsApp team has made it unique that other applications taking ideas and options from WhatApp including in theirs. However the whatsapp Scams are getting increase with time. Let us study about the most dangerous scams you should be aware of if using WhatsApp Messenger.

Fraudsters that make advantage of WhatsApp mostly use the idea of getting your details by offering you some bumber prize or offer that you cannot resist if gone by your eye. It includes details that is asked to you mostly is your name and address. Credit card details etc.

Some other Fraudsters ask you also to visit the site offering some kind of good offer and to continue with it, you are asked to full a form. Or complete a Survey or install some malware application or game that looks like really good and real you cannot get away without installing it. These are if installed or filled will spies on information and gather details you entered in website and forward it to the Fraudsters that can go really against you.

One of the other scammers starts to charge you for services that is really free and easily available on internet but being unaware of it you pay for it.

Here is some examples of WhatsApp scams that are really attention catching.

1. WhatsApp Scam in the name of ASDA

asda whatsapp
asda whatsapp

These scammers using famous brands and names sending out fake vouchers. The message looks like that it is sent from actual contact and the receiver feels himself/herself lucky getting it and without wasting any time try to grab the offer. Such tricks are you to click on URL to claim your voucher. Such as getting $250 free voucher as in above image. Think Hundred of times before going into such websites.

Worse part is that, these tricksters get some information automatically from your phone without you knowing. Installing cookies browser extensions and showing you great offers. Beware of it.

2. The voicemail


You’ve receive left a voicemail. Know what it is? You are simply tried to trick victim. You have to listen to the call that gives you some url or stating some simple steps which if followed your information is gone.

These are mostly scammy websites that install some cookies and malware into your phone even only viewed and you are not aware of it but you complain of Mobile slowness. Why? your data is actually getting share to others in background. Taking your mobile internet bandwidth and your phone’s memry.

3. WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold is most known and famous trick of hacking your phone. Have you ever seen WhatsApp gold advertisement or some kind of information on WhatsApp official website? Lets see the official WhatsApp website that has nothing to do with WhatsApp gold.

whatsapp gold
whatsapp gold

Isnt this strange? WhatsApp official website says nowhere about the Gold version?

Because it does not exists or belongs to WhatsApp official. What is it then? WhatsApp Gold is a big scam that asks you to install an app just like WhatsApp and ruin you. These Tricksters give you a link of WhatsApp Gold claiming an advanced version of WhatsApp but in actual is a malware that looks like WhatsApp with some different colors and goes deep into your phone and take alot that you don’t even want to share with anyone else.

WhatsApp Gold Fraud


Once you click on the link you will be taken to a fake page and your Android device will start to share information with these tricksters because it is now infected with malware.

WhatsApp Gold

Also there are alot of other scams most comes with a Link to click and then asks for a puzzle or game or filling a form or complete a survey. Thats all fake. Some are not this big cheaters but give away such link to get views on their websites.

What WhatsApps says about these scams

However Whatsapp team do not appreciate these tricksters and fraudsters using WhatsApp name to get own benefits

The official WhatsApp blog confirms it will never contact users with the above offerings.

And it warns us to be particularly cautious of messages where:

  • These sender claims to be affiliate of WhatsApp
  • Such message content includes instructions to forward the message
  • The message claims you can avoid punishment, like account suspension, if you forward the message
  • The message content includes a reward or gift

How to protect yourself

Action Fraud has the following tips for staying safe from WhatsApp scams:

  • Install security software on your device and keep it up to date.
  • Never click on unsolicited links in messages that you that receive, even if they appear to come from a trusted contact.
  • Follow WhatsApp’s advice for staying safe whilst using the messaging service.


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