Game of Thrones Season 8

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Game of Thrones Season 8 is most awaited TV show expected to be on air in 2018 but now will be releasing in 2019. This Post is showing you your best TV show Game of Thrones Season 8 Wiki’s, Leaks, Pictured, Reviews and Cast. Winter is Coming ….

Game of Thrones Season 8 will be released Not until 2019. The Last season, in what has been almost of a decade of waiting the biggest show Game of Thrones is coming to an end next year.

The final season will contain only six episodes but each will have a longer running time than previous seasons and see the characters we’ve come to love and hate conclude their stories.

Game of Thrones Season 8
Game of Thrones Season 8

Petyr Baelish is appearing in season 8 again… SHOCKED????????? learn more

Game of Thrones Season 8

Emilia Clarke teases Game of Thrones season 8

Game of Thrones Season 8 Scripts

Castle Black: Beric, Tormund and Gendry warns Ed of the break through of the wall on East-watch by the Ice Dragon. Ed let the ravens ready for winterfell. Dear Army of the dead comes from south east. Tormund and Gendry are ordered south by Beric, Game of Thrones Season 8 Ed stays with Beric. Beric says he still lives for one reason. He draws his sword which inflames. Ravens fly off, Gendry and Tormund are already riding and see the Ice Dragon burning all the raven in the air. Beric yelling largely that all the dead are coming to the Black Castle. A larger army is further south-east following the Ice Dragon with the Night King. The Wights reach Castle Black and the battle begins.

-Bran is at the gods tree on the woods. He asks the Maester how long he has been in Vision. Maester says a few hours. Bran notes he has not seen anything. He says that he may have been thrown out of the vision and something is wrong.

In the great hall, Jon and the others gather with the Lords of the north. Dany tells Jorah that the hall is very modest. Finally one of the Lord stops Jon in his speech about the threat in the north and asks how exactly the peace agreement with Dany looks like. Jon answers that the King of the North is now serving Queen Daenerys. Turmoil rises in the hall and Sansa looks surprised at Jon. Lord Royce suprisingly and angrily asked to Jon why he has not learned from the mistakes of Brandon Stark and his father. The hound stands next to Brienne and says, “Why must everyone always yell at these King’s gatherings?” Jon explains that he is obviously still alive. Jon also says that Dany not only has provided Dragonglas, her armies and dragons to fight. He says that she has already fought, despite the threat. She sacrificed a dragon to Jon, her child. Lord Glover says he does not see any of this. Game of Thrones Season 8 Dany explains that she did not come as a conqueror and did not want to put a wrong signal. Lyanna Mormont asks Dany about the deal of peace with Cercei. Dany explains that the war has only a break. Finally Having defeated the Night King, the war continues. Turmoil rises again. Arya says aloud, “We can not trust Cercei Lannister. She lies to stay alive, I do not believe that after a common victory, she will go home and wait until your war continues. “Jorah gets nervous and already holds sword hilt.

In the side corridor Sam asks Bran when he want to tell Jon the truth. Bran says that maybe Sam has to do that because the time is just bad, Game of Thrones Season 8 – Tyrion stands next to the entrance of this side corridor and looks towards the entrance and then looks back at Jon. Jon says he does not force anyone in the north to fight a war, which has nothing to do with them. But he would go to war for Dany, as she does the same for the north. Lord Glover asks if Cercei can be trusted and if she keeps her word. Tyrion says that they can, because even Cercei is aware of the threat of the white walkers. Dany looks at him in surprise. Varys looks at Tyrion in surprise too. Jon loudly points out that there is no time for that and everyone should immediately order all armies to the wall. Lyanna Mormont and Lord Manderly agree. Dany says “White Walkers do not argue in a room. They have only one king and they are getting closer. “Bran is pushed forward in his wheelchair by Maester. Bran says “She’s right, white walkers do not talk, they follow one king, the Nightking. I know many here do not believe in what I can, but I saw him, Game of Thrones Season 8 I met him. First in a vision, then he found me. I saw him coming, he’s always coming closer, we have to stop him.” Dany persuades the lords in the room to fight the enemy together and to trust in Cercei´s help.

-Tyrion writes a letter in a room.

-Jon is with Daenerys in the crypt of winterfell. She asks Jon how many family members he has lost in the wars among the Lords of Westeros. Jon tells her about Ned, Catelyn, Robb and Rickon. He relates that Rickon died before his eyes in the battle for Winterfell. Jon says, “Robb died by betrayal. Unfortunately, his mistakes led him this way. “Dany asks about Robb. Jon says, “I heard that my brother killed the lords who betrayed him mercilessly. He has lost some allies. In the end, a broken oath cost him his life. Robb was promised to a woman, but he married another.” Dany says “He was betrayed. His allies have betrayed him and he has given them the right punishment. The traitors who killed him are now gone as I heard.” Jon says “Justice does you good, but do not bring them back. We fought for our home and for justice for my family. By doing so i lost Rickon. Sometimes justice brings just more death.” Jon looks at Ned’s stature. Dany looks at the same stature and then her look goes to Lyanna Starks stature. She asks Jon, “Who is this?” Jon says, “Lyanna Stark. My aunt. She was abducted by Rhaegar Targaryen, indirectly triggering Robert’s rebellion. “Dany looks puzzled and says” I heard a lot about my oldest brother, but basically just good. An abduction of a defenseless woman does not sound like him. “Jon looks at Lyanna and then Daenerys. He says “Doesnt matter now. They are all dead. We are alive. We are the ones who matter. “She smiles at him.

Game of Thrones Season 8
Game of Thrones Season 8

In a village near the wall a naked young woman sits on a man. They having sex and he calls her a whore. She is proud and tells of a good-looking Squire from the capital, who has satisfied several whores at the same time and so well that they did not want any money. The farmer sleeps with the whore. Just outside the village, a boy plays in a snowy forest. He sees blue eyes in the forest and as they move, he runs screaming into the village and shouts, “Father.” The farmer goes to his son and asks him what happened. He points to the forest. The farmer sees the Wights running into the village and runs away in panic. The whore hears that and gets dressed. The man wants to go back to bed with her, she beats him and runs out. She sees the farmer and his son running to a horse. The whore sees the undead run through the village and runs in panic to the stable. Most horses have already fled, the farmer has the last. She runs towards him and is run around by other fleeing peasants. A Wight comes from the side and attacks the son of the farmer. He dies and the father kills the wight. He collapses next to his son’s body. The whore runs to the horse and ascends. She looks at the grieving farmer and says, “I’m so sorry.” She rides away. The Wights overrun the village and throw themselves at the mourning peasants.
-Jon prepares his departure. Dany says goodbye to Jon and says she gets the Unsullied, Drogon and Rhaegal. The Dothraki will soon come over the Kings Road and she will meet them with the Unsullied to meet in Winterfell together. Dany rides off with escorts. Sansa tells Jon that she will stay here with Brienne, as there always has to be a Stark in Winterfell. Jon says „I’m the king in the north and can go anywhere I want, but you’re probably now the lady of Winterfell. You have to stay that way. “Jon smiles and says,” You remind me of your mother, you’ve grown up. “Sansa says “Not my mother. “She laughs a bit and says,” Get rid of the Nightking. I have everything under control here.” She smiles at Jon and he starts riding. Ravens fly south from Winterfell.

Game of Thrones Season 8
Game of Thrones Season 8

King’s Landing: Cercei receives a letter from Master Qyburn. She reads it and goes out of the room to the balcony. Qyburn asks what he says. Cercei looks from the balcony to the snowy city. She answers „all armies are ordered to the wall and thus all are defenseless. Tyrion is again a valuable ally, even if he has only sent information so far. He is not a Littlefinger, but a Lannister.“ Master Qyburn asks her about Jaime. finally Cercei says „He is no threat. He is still my brother.“
-Jaime meets Bron near Harrenhal. Bron says he probably does not need to expect a lock of his own castle in the face of literal death. Jaime says that’s true because Jaime has finally left his sister. further more Bron is pissed but says pleased “that was about time.” Jaime rides off to the north and Bron follows him. Jaime tells Bron that they have to catch up with the Lannister armies to stop the golden company.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Leaked Scenes

Coast of Essos: Euron Lies with Iron Fleet and Meets Commander of the Golden Company. Euron makes fun of the golden company with its elephants and beautiful golden armor. The commander commands Euron, because Euron reacts in surprise.

-Theon mounts his ship near the Iron Fleet. He tells his men that he will find the ship and as long as they follow Theon, they will already see a possibility to attack.

-Dany comes with escort to white harbour, there are the Unsullied with Drogon and Rhaegal. Dany goes to Grey Worm and Missandei. She asks Missandei if they have used well the time together.. Missandei smiles at her. Dany orders all to Winterfell to travel from there to the wall with the King in the North.

Episode 2: – Jon struggles with Ghost and Jorah from castle dreadfort. Lord Royce helps everyone to escape, dreadfort is given up and Jon sees the castle disappear in the blizzard / fog, they all flee in the direction of Winterfell. They animate a village which is near to escape. further more Some citizens join Jon in the fight, finally but many farmers die because they can not fight properly.

-Brienne flees out of Winterfell in mourning, she leaves Bran out of fear and is therefore ashamed.

-Dany meets Tyrion, Sam, Gilly and her son, Varys and Podrick. Together they fight against a white walker with hundreds of Wights. Dany rides on Drogon, with Rhaegal they burn many of the undead. The White Walkers remains untouched by the dragon fire. In the fight against white walkers. Sam calls to the soldiers, “You can only kill them with dragonglass. Or maybe with valeryan steel, but i guess you dont have any. “Arya throws her her Valyrian dagger to Grey Worm and he kills the White Walkers. All Wights disintegrate. Arya asks Sam how he knew this with the Valyrian steel. Sam answers “From Jon.” A larger army is slowly approaching in the distance. further more Dany says they ride back to Winterfell to meet Jon there and beat the enemy together. Controversy with Tyrion starts. Dany prevents and puts her decision through. further more Tyrion says they have to wait for the Dothraki. Game of Thrones Season 8 Dany gets angry and says “Do you want the north to fall and Jon with him?” Tyrion says nothing.

-Edmure Tully is with his wife and child in Riverrun. Game of Thrones Season 8 His wife wants to persuade edmure to help in the great war. Edmure answers that it’s pointless, because the wars will never stop. further more Whether it’s the Lannisters, Boltons, Greyjois or the dead. It will never end.

-Arya and the Hound ride a long distance from each other further south and see a rider riding north. Bron comes from the south and rides towards Jon. Game of Thrones Season 8 He warns everyone of the golden company on Moat Cailin, Lord Manderly tells Jon “We can go to White Harbour. The ships of Queen Daenerys are there too. “Jon decides new meeting place: White Harbour and from there they go with the ships to the Eyrie, finally Tyrion persuades Jon to go without Arya because she is too far away and now he must take no more risk.

-Cercice orders to wait an attack on Winterfell as she no longer trusts Jaime with his troops. Maester Qyburn asks her what to do with Jaime if he betrays her. because Cercei answers Jaime has to be captured. Maester Qyburn prepares the letter and a raven.

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-Jon and Dany are preparing for departure with allies of white harbour. Podrick helps some escaping citizens onto the ship. He helps the escaped whore, she thanks and says “I’m Sarra.” Podrick is impressed. further more Brienne confesses to Jon that she could not save Sansa anymore. Jon looks disappointed and sad in the sky. Dany holds Jon’s hand and she tells him that she is sorry. Jon says it will continue if they do nothing. Jon says, “We’ll go to the Eyrie right away and collect all the troops there. We’re building a defense that even a dead dragon can not destroy. “Brienne questions Jon for leaving behind Arya. finally Game of Thrones Season 8 Jon argues with her since Brienne has left Sansa and Bran behind, though that was her only job. Jon has to take care of all his people. Game of Thrones Season 8 Brienne says she rides for Arya and find her. Tormund reacts horrified, he follows Brienne to help her. furhter more Jon says they need every man here, Podrick agrees and stays with Jon. Tormund answers proudly that he has never sworn an oath to Jon and he is free. Jon approves of it. Daenerys touches her stomach and tells Jon that she has a good feeling and thinks she sees her again.



game of thrones season 8
game of thrones season 8


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