Top10 Best PPSSPP Games For Android 2018

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Let us first put light on what actually is PPSSPP. As per most authentic and known source of definition site WIKIPEDIA, PPSSPP stands for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. Also known as open-source PSP emulator for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Symbian which have increased the focus on the speed and portability.

Henrik Rydgard, is the creater of PPSSPP that was released first in November 2012 and gone public. Henrik Rygard presents an incredible PlayStation that is used widely around the world now. PPSSPP is available in around 38 languages all around the world. This makes PPSSPP becomes quite popular and growing rapidly. The target players of PSP are not only adults but also youngster as well as children above 7 years old.

As the advancement is increased and technology is moved towards hand held devices, PPSSPP games are available in Android. This enables all of the Android users to play the games easily on their smart phones. If you are one of the game lovers, you must have known some kind of PPSSPP games listed here. However, perhaps you haven’t known some others. What about checking them out now so that you can pick up some more games of PPSSPP to add into your game list on your smart phones?

1. Dante’s Inferno

dante inferno
dante inferno

dantes inferno

Dante’s Inferno is one of the best PPSSPP games for Android 2018 which is similar to “God of war”. This game presents has a story revolving around Dante. Have you ever heard about Dante? Dante is a crusader who is attacked on the back during the war time. Although Dante has been condemned to death, he denied the fact. On the other side, he tries to defeat the death by taking his scythe and setting off his home with a willingness to feel sorry for the sins he has made.

At the time he is going home, he finds his house has been destroyed and his father and his fiancée (Beatrice) were killed. The Lucifer appears and takes the soul of Beatrice far away. To rescue the Beatrice soul as his beloved one, Dante transverses along the nine circle of hell. This is a kind of common story about which someone is fighting for the loved one. However, the game is resented in such an interesting way along with the vibrant graphics with “Hack and Slash” game play style.

Look at graphic of Dante’s Inferno below. It is likely a war lifelike.

Pros of Dante’s Inferno:

  • Dante’s Inferno presents an interesting story which is widely admired by most youngsters. It combines love story with revenge toward the Lucifer. This point leads Dante’s Inferno to an excitement of gaming since War and Love is the most incredible ideas.
  • The graphic presented by Dante’s Inferno is quite pretty good and warlike. It is like a real estate to experience.
  • The easy navigation makes the Gamers are able to touch and touch in a quick way so that they will have no difficulty to run on the game and lead to be a winner.

Cons of Dante’s Inferno:

  • Although it comes with a great intensity, Dante’s Inferno tends to have uninspiring ending which will not enhance the chance to be an alternative on the high-rate series of God of War.
  • Dante’s Inferno arise a controversy on its fight and revenge story along with the sight of the brutal and exaggerated violence as well as dark nature of the game. This point may influence the gamers about the violence if they have no such self-control.

2. Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

metal gear solid

Metal gear Solid was considered as the best action-adventure stealth game when it first came as one of the best PPSSPP games for Android 2018. But it soon lost its popularity when Peace Walker took over as the best one for Android and iOS device.

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Created by Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid was released in 1987 for the MSX home computer architecture. This game was later developed and published by Konami.

Based on Costa Rica, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker narrated a big boss who is preparing for the rise of outer heaven. The game play is presented with the scene of players equipped with plethora of weapons to infiltrate the enemy base. The players are able to take control toward special forces operative with Solid Snake and Big Boss who has been assigned to seek the super weapon called “Metal Gear”. This is a such kind of interesting adventure you can find in the game along with the battles.

Look at the graphic of Metal Gear below and you will see how nice the sight of adventure walkside.

Pros of Metal Gear Solid

  • This game is like a good refreshment for gamer who loves adventure. The journey along with the battle to get Metal Gear views a wonderful path. You will be directed to follow the journey until you come to be a winner by obtaining the metal gear.
  • The easy navigation is one of the plus points you can tap on your screen to run the game.
  • The sight of the game displays the warlike atmosphere where you can see tank, nuclear weapons, metal weapons, and many others. This will make you feel like being the real war by the control navigation you can touch by your fingers.

Cons of Metal Gear Solid

  • Like other war game, it is normal to see the brutal sight of the battle in the game. However, some opinions against proves that it is not a good watch for younger people under 17 age.
  • The story presented in the game which you must follow to get a win is rather boring. It is just a common theme of taking adventure to find such a weapon called metal gear.

3. Gran Tourism

gran tourism

Gran Tourism comes as the best racing game for Android featuring up to 800 vehicles from different brands. It also provides 35 tracks to head you show up your driving skills. Gran Tourism comes still in a classical look offering a slick, authentic and outstanding visual of 60 frames in a second. Honestly, Gran Tourism is best described as the only one game which is more realistic to give four-wheel game satisfaction.

Designed by Kazunori Yamauchi, it is known that this type of game was developed by Polys Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 1997 as the PlayStation video game console. Gran Tourism is featured by Sim racing genre along with the mode of single player and multiplayer.

Pros of Gran Tourism

  • Gran Tourism is more than just a game. It is rather a test for your driving skill since it presents a view of real-like driving. This can be a wonderful game to experience driving without having a car.
  • The view displayed on your screen can be changed based on the available views on the list. You can choose ones of which as you prefer.
  • There is no controversy arise by this game as there is no violence included in the game. It is much safer for children.

Cons of Gran Tourism

This game may not provide self-defense like in the series of God of War. This racing game focuses only your driving skills.

4. Crisis Core Final Fantasy

crisis core final fantasy

The fourth games of the best PPSSPP games for Android 2018 is crisis core final fantasy or it is well-known as CCFF. Unquestionably, crisis core can be categorized as the best game in the final fantasy series. It has a very good mission-based RPG along with a new style of gameplay. It also has a very realistic picture to represent the game.

The story narrated by Crisis Core Final Fantasy tells about Zack Fair and his adventure to find a missing soldier named Genesis. It has the details background story for different characters. This phenomenal game deserves to list as a must-play game.

This type of PlayStation portable console is listed to have action role playing genre which is based on Spain. The displays on the screen are much like a real with the scene adventure and journey.

Look at the following graphic owned by Crisis Core Final Fantasy so that you will be able to search it.

Pros of Crisis Core Final Fantasy

  • Crisis Core Final Fantasy offers an exciting adventure view completed with the battle story which is based on the scenario of Kazushige Nojima. Thus, you will not only feel like you are having adventure but also feel the way of looking for the soldier through the gameplay.
  • Crisis Core Final Fantasy has a little chance of displaying the violence or any brutal action for the game lover.
  • When it comes to play the game, you will be equipped by the easy navigation to run the game anywhere else.

Cons of Crsis Core Final Fantasy

  • Listed as a final fantasy series, Crisis Core Final fantasy becomes which or witch appear of the bradth. If tends you tends to make people

5. Obscure

Obscure is well-known for its horror PPSSPP game for Android. The game story narrated with the fallcreek university used as base. The most important part of the game is that there is suddenly strange black flower sprung up on the campus. Then, it is known that there are more and more to the sinister flower. Thus, a group of students are coming together and making such unity to fight against the black aura. The hideous and horrifying monsters are combated using a vast variety of weapons.

Pros of Obscure

  • Obscure offers a rich 3D environment so that you can enjoy the game like it was coming real around you.
  • Finding clues and puzzles is the interesting parts in which most youngster like most.

Cons of Obscure 

  • Obscure has less interesting view. Sometimes, it displays only a fighting against the monsters. The battle environment is quite good but the story is less inspiring.

6. G-Force

G-Force Game
G-Force Game

g force

As one of the best PPSSPP games for Android 2018, G-Force has a unique elite team of guinea pig using high-technology of gadgets. The teamwork along with the specialized talents come together to complete the dangerous environment. The original movie of G-Force presents the same story to the game in which about the Darwin and the mooch. The battle is there between the trained G-Force agents to fight against Leonard and his robot army.

Pros of G-Force

  • G-Force is fun and worth playing. It presents a unique scale to manipulate environment, to solve the puzzles and to defeat enemies. This is often becoming the best that most players like.
  • The story is narrated in such away like you were enjoying a movie with the control on your both hands.
  • Along with the easy navigation, you will be able to play the game more flexibly.

Cons of G-Force

  • People may not like G-Force for its less interesting views of the game which is not as horrible as the war supposed to.

8. Prince Of Persia – Rival Sword

Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia

Prince Of Persia – Rival Sword

If you are looking for a Persian games with a war story of old times, Prince Of Persia can be the good one to go. This game narrates the story of the prince who is stepping away to reach home to Babylon. However, on his way, he meets a kingdom ravaged by a war. Prince of Persia must fight against his dark alter ego as everything he holds in his hands is destroyed.

As one of the best PPSSPP games for Android 2018, Prince Of Persia displayed a vivid graphics and the free-form fighting system to help him defeat the enemies. This game is a must-play.

Pros of Price Of Persia

  • The interesting story presents a bit different story of a battle. Thus, you can be inspired to fight against the annoyance as well as restriction on your way.
  • The 3D environment of the game displayed on your screen is a special satisfaction that you can enjoy during the game play.

Cons of Prince of Persia

  • This game my arise controversy about the violence viewed in the battle. Thus, it is not suitable if children under 13 age play this game without their parents’ supervision.

Other Top PPSSPP Games for Android 2018

  1. Assassin’s Creed Bloodlin
  2. Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix
  3. Kenko Bancho- Badass Rumble
  4. Gun Showdow
  5. Jak & Daxter- The Lost Frontier
  6. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
  7. The Warriors
  8. Tony Hawk Project 8
  9. Toukiden
  10. Digimon World Re- Digitize

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