Minecraft Add-Ons, Which Are Not Mods


Feeling that familiar Minecraft world getting a bit stale? Spice things up with Add-Ons, a new way to expand your Bedrock Edition experience (Windows, Xbox, Android, PlayStation, etc.)! Think of them as officially sanctioned mods or third-party DLC, bringing fresh content right to your fingertips.

Add-Ons offer additional blocks, mobs, and even new functionalities, letting you customize your Minecraft journey like never before. While they might not pack the same game-altering punch as Java Edition mods, they offer a safe and curated way to enhance your favorite title.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Available now: Download Add-Ons directly from the Minecraft Marketplace and inject them into your existing worlds or new creations.
  • Variety is key: Explore a diverse range of content, from adorable new pets to thrilling challenges.
  • Officially sanctioned: Unlike traditional mods, Add-Ons undergo testing and approval, ensuring a smooth and compatible experience.
  • Accessible for all: Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a curious newbie, Add-Ons offer something for everyone.

Ready to breathe new life into your Minecraft adventures? Dive into the world of Add-Ons and discover endless possibilities!

Minecraft Snapshots

Sure, Minecraft Snapshots are early, experimental versions of the game that allow players to test out new features and bug fixes before they are officially released. They are typically released weekly for the Java Edition of Minecraft, and can be accessed by enabling the “Snapshots” option in the Minecraft Launcher.


Minecraft Add-Ons: Plug and Play Content with Official Backing

Supercharge your Bedrock Edition world with Add-Ons, curated content from independent developers! Forget complicated mods and embrace the simplicity of the Marketplace. Find official, tested, and compatible add-ons that bring new blocks, mobs, features, and more.

Key points:

  • Developed by community creators, not Mojang/Microsoft.
  • Available for purchase on the Minecraft Marketplace.
  • No complex setup, just download and play.
  • Paid add-ons alongside free options.
  • Officially approved and supported by Mojang/Microsoft.

This approach isn’t entirely new, with games like Skyrim Special Edition offering similar “Community Creations.” But Minecraft takes it a step further with:

  • Stricter curation through the Marketplace Partner program.
  • Focus on official approval and support.

If you’re a developer, keep an eye out for future Marketplace Partner applications! Contribute to the vibrant world of Minecraft Add-Ons and share your creativity with the community.

When were bats added to minecraft?

Minecraft Bats

Bats were first added to Minecraft in 2012, specifically on October 31st. This update was called the “Pretty Scary Update” and included other spooky additions like witches and zombie villagers.

However, it’s important to note that bats received a retexture in 2021 as part of the “Bats, Pots and Competitions” update. This update gave them a more modern and consistent look with the rest of the game, including larger and more adorable ears!



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