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For those Parents having children with Autism Spectrum disorders, we have planned to gather here professionals, parents and supporters to have all at one place and discuss their relevant problems, known solutions and referrers to enable others make advantages of it.
We simple mean to to educate those parents and any possible training advice here which’s beneficial in term of autism spectrum disorders.

In some children, a loss of language is the major impairment. In others, unusual behaviors (like spending hours lining up toys) seem to to be the dominant factors.

If parents will believe in themselves and their child then the child will also rise upto their expectations.Just because the child has autism it doesn’t mean he should not have fair chance of learning,reaching his full potential and having a happy life.

We have enabled our comments are and open for all who wants to join discussion and present anything regarding topic.

Kindly share your comments and let other make advantage of it.

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