50 Plus Bohemian Inspired Jewelry using Leather, Ribbons and Cords

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50 Plus Bohemian Inspired Jewelry using Leather, Ribbons and Cords


Bohemian inspired jewelry has 50 plus designs in which various kinds of material is used like leather ribbons and cords depending on the type of design the designers want to create. The new pendants, chains, stacked necklaces; bridal sets that are doing the rounds these days are all inspired from the very basic and unique bohemian jewelry designs. Inspiration has been taken from bohemian designs to create something that can help today’s generation visualize that what exactly bohemian jewelry looked like. Bohemian inspired jewelry includes anklets, bangles, rings, cuff bracelets, necklaces etc., and huge variety is available with different colored stones that makes it look appealing and beautiful.


50 Plus Beautiful and Attractive Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Designs Using Leather, Ribbons and Cords


Leather is mostly being used in choker necklaces, which are inspired from the Bohemian designs. It not only makes a woman look trendy but also makes her look gothic and funky. Cords and ribbons are also used to create long beaded necklaces and other ornaments like bracelets. Many designs have been mentioned in other articles based on bohemian jewelry.


Bohemian Jewelry Using Leather, Ribbon and Cords



A simple cowboy style leather necklace that can be paired up with jeans or casual attires for summers.

leather neckless

Another leather necklace in which various strands are used, which make it look quite funky and trendy. Leather comes in a lot of colors and everyone can decide according to their own preferences that exactly what kind of color they want.


A very modern take on the basic leather bohemian choker necklace. This is a wing choker leather necklace which is a combination of both leaves and feathers has been used to make it look different and unique and to make it stand out when it is compared with other designers.

bangles collection

Ribbon coated rainbow bangles is the modern way of wearing traditional bohemian bangles and bracelets. They can be worn with any dress and in any color as rainbow colored ornaments goes well with colored clothes.

hijab collection

A very funky hair accessory, which is a feather headband and is made up of a golden dream catcher and various kinds of beads, faux leather and feathers have been used along with cotton braided cord which is elastic and stretchable thus making it suitable for women who are fat or slim. 50 Plus Bohemian Inspired Jewelry using Leather, Ribbons and Cords.

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