Cow Mandi 2018 Bakra Eid Cows Collection

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Eid Ul Adha is coming very soon, here is a collection of beautiful and big cows from all over the Pakistan. Cow mandi 2018 There are many cattle farms in Pakistan who are bringing their best cows and a biggest ones. Furthermore Like Afridi Cattle Farm, Dilpasand Cattle farm, Gola Wala Cattle Farm these are giants farmers who have the best cows in Pakistan and most of their cows are expensive ones. 

Camel Qurbani

On this Eid you can visit sohrab goth cow mandi to check out their best collection and biggest cows in Pakistan, here in this page Iam going to share some beautiful and biggest cows. Check out complete pictures collection. The very best photos collected from karachi cow mandi or karachi maweshi mandi or karachi cow mandi located near sohrab goth in karachi which has been. Famous in all over the Pakistan due to size and its huge collection of cows. visit below the live cow mandi and enjoy eid ul azha season.

black cow

biggest cow

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Bakra Eid Cows Collection 2018 Pakistan

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Dilpasand Catle

camel qurbani camel qurbani

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Bakra Eid cows

Many famous cow cattle farm obtain place in cow mandi for their cows and beautiful bull for Bakra eid. Cow mandi qurbani 2018 youtube, also, cow mandi 2018 qurbani, Karachi cow mandi qurbani, karachi cow mandi qurbani 2018.

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Afridi Catle

Cow Mandi 2018

Surmawala Cattle Farm 2013


Bakra Eid 2018 Cow Mandi



Biggest Cow Qurbani

Biggest Cow Qurbani in Pakistan

Bakra Eid 2018 cow mandi best collection of cows 2018 eid ul azha cow mandi 2018 biggest cow 2018 and best cows collection.

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