Haalim Episode 11, Haalim by Nimrah Ahmed

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The Name of the 11th chapter of Haalim is وقت کے اس پار (The other side of Time) Read Haalim Episode 11 by Nimrah Ahmed Pakistani one of the Best and Famous novelist Nimra Ahmed has introduced this very Novel for Khawateen Digest specially liked and loved by ladies but not ONLY ladies.

Nimrah Ahmed is most popular Novelist in females because of her unique writing style and enlightening the women empowerment. Furthermore You will here read Haalim Episode 11 Very soon that will be published in Khawateen Digest March 2018 too.

In addition We have made here a place to discuss Haalim Novel with fellow readers who could join and talk to other Haalim and Nimrah Ahmed‘s Novel Lovers and discuss live in Chat Room about the characters, likes, dislikes and make more of your time enjoyable with these beautiful novelist topics and also haalim 10 episode download

Lets Discuss Haalim Episode 11

Read Online and Review Haalim Episode 11
First of all We appreciate your reviews and comments regarding your favorite characters in the Novel and learn to know from your comments about the characters value in everyone view.

A review is very much helpful to decide read a novel or not, We Must Say That Nimrah Ahmed’s novels are worth reading and if you read it regularly it is best pleasure reading the unique style of writing and topics.

Haalim Episode 11

The story in Episode 11 will be revolving around Taalia.

Below is the list of characters in Haalim.
Taaliah (تالیہ)
Taasha (تاشہ)
Saasha (ساشا)
Asrah (عصرہ)
Butler (بٹلر)
Datin Paduka (داتن پدوکا)
Sikandar (سکندر)
Juliana (جولیانہ)
Ashar (اشعر)
Adam (ایڈم)
Fatih (فاتح)
Ramzil (رامزل)
Huda (ہدیٰ)
Ariana (آریانہ)

Read Previous episode here HAALIM EPISODE 10

Nimrah Ahmed has been known for many super hit novels writing which has made her much higher and She has been nominated for 50 most influential women in Pakistan ! (Mashallah)

Go to link: http://womenpower50.com/vote?show=arts to VOTE HER

Some Quotes from HAALIM

دو چیزیں ہوتی ہیں جو کسی بھی انسان کو دنیا اور آخرت میں کامیاب کرتی ہیں- سچائی اور ایمانداری- اور ملائیشیاء کے لوگوں کو اور سیاستدانوں کو یہ بات وقت پہ سمجھ لینے کی ضرورت ہے کہ اگر وہ اپنے معاملات میں سچے نہیں ہوں گے، پیسے کمانے کے لیے ایماندار ذرائع استعمال نہیں کریں گے تو وہ فراموش کر دیں اس بات کو کہ ان کے رزق میں اور زندگیوں میں اللہ کوئی برکت دے گا- ان کی لالچ بڑھتی جائے گی اور وہ کبھی مطمئن نہیں ہوں گے- وہ جتنے عقلمند اور شاطر ہو جائیں، اپنے جھوٹ کھلنے کا خوف ان کو کبھی بہادر نہیں بننے دے گا-



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  1. Aqsa nadir

    Such a different story on time travelling
    I like it so much
    My mind mom don’t allow me to buy khawateen digest so I read it’s every episode online

    1. caretofun

      Appreciate your comment and feedback on Novel.
      if you find like it, please share continue sharing your feedback and request novels if any.

  2. samreen

    such a nice writer i have read in my life. can I contact nimra ahmed in any way?

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