How to Lose Weight in 2 Months

How to Loose Weight

Today we are going to share with you highly useful and applied tricks and experiences for weight losing. There are number of things people do to lose their weight but a few only get succeed. Losing weight is always consider and fall in dieting category. However this is not about dieting only but many factors that let your body change into good shape and remove extra material from your body.

Introduction to Exercise

A few tips for staying motivated during working out- visualize how you want to look physically in your mind and work toward it slowly. always think of that visual when you feel you cant do anymore.

Think of why you want to lose the weight. when you have a reason , no matter how shallow to the outside world, it is still easier to figure out how to achieve that goal.

during a workout give it your all. your kicks and ur punches can let out all the negative energy youve been storing up for years. the comments people have hurt you with etc, let that all come out as strength in your moves.

take pictures of yourself. some of us shy away from the camera because we dont want to look at what we are. but this is just a measure for yourself. the first person to notice a change is you – before anyone else. so allow yourself to feel good about your self.

most people follow an all or none rule. either they are 100% with it or they fall off the bandwagon completely. remember consistency is key. even if you can get to do it a few times a week its better than nothing at all. so get up and get going.

PREGNANCY and exercise

Congratulations ? this one is special for those who really need to lose the weight but afraid of effects on their pregnancy !

There is no better time to consider getting in shape and living healthy when planning to start a family and trying to conceive.

ideally you should start working out before you fall pregnant for optimal body conditions.

if however you are already pregnant then please consult your obstetrician before embarking on anything strenuous.

If you are already used to exercise then carry on with what you are doing; there is no need to change your routine provided there are NO contradictions eg placenta previa or any condition that requires bed rest. It really depends on your body. Remember to always listen to it.

As pregnancy progresses you may need to turn your routine down a notch.

Some points to keep in mind are :

Make sure you are well hydrated and comfortable with easy fitted and loose clothing at all times.

Be well supported and on a flat surface; try not to perform balancing exercises specially later on in the pregnancy

Remember your body is lax as ligaments are loose to allow expansion. therefore do not overstretch or strain as this can cause injury.

Swimming and Walking are actually the more safer options during this special time

This is not the time to embark on new or challenging workouts. Take it easy , again, listen to your body. If you need to rest, then dont push yourself too hard.

Remember a happy mum makes a happy baby.

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