How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

Looking for ways to make money online to boost your monthly income stream or even begin a new career? You’ve come to the right place!

This guide will focus on short- and long-term money-making ideas to make extra cash by relying on digital resources.

Now let’s find what suits you best based on your availability and needs.

Start A Blog

Revenue potentialPeople who monetize their blog can earn $20,000-$50,000 annually.

If you have a passion for writing or one can freelance as a writer, perhaps blogging is your thing. The way to go about building a successful blog is by targeting and focusing on a specific niche market and audience.

By consistently publishing great content and applying SEO principles, it’s possible to transform your blog into an actual money making device. For instance, one can include affiliate links in highly trafficked blog posts or sell advertising space to other firms.

In order to do this, you need time and energy investment. However, if you’re creative enough, such kind of safe writing space could provide that essential freedom.

Here are some CMSs (Content Management Systems) to start a blog from scratch either paid or free:

WordPress: Free plan has limited features without customization. The Premium package at $13.95/month is the most popular among freelancers.

Joomla: You start for free but soon will have to upgrade to get top features. A Personal package costs $99 per annum.

Ghost: Pricing depends on the number of people who see it. For example, it costs $11/month for up to 500 members.

Lastly, be sure you register a domain name with registrars like GoDaddy and HostGator so as to host the new blog site that you’ve created.


Create A YouTube Channel

Revenue potential:

The common YouTuber earns $18 for 1,000 ad views and round $5 for 1,000 video views. However, the final profits can vary.

If you’re greater confident with public talking and feature solid tale-telling capabilities, you may also begin a YouTube channel to make money online. Again, sticking to a selected area is nice if you want to gain authority and followers faster through developing how-to films, so picking the right YouTube area of interest is a have to.

Let’s see an example:

You need to have reached the edge of one,000 subscribers to enroll in the YouTube Partners Program. Then you’ll get get admission to to Google AdSense to begin profiting from advertisements.

As your following grows, you may get enterprise sponsorships to sell particular and applicable products/offerings for your target market. You also can run YouTube Ads and leverage the energy of YouTube search engine optimization to win extra site visitors. If you fancy all this, right here’s a YouTube advertising strategy manual to get stimulated.

Also, here are the web sites you must take a look at if you make a decision to earn money on-line as a YouTuber:

YouTube Partners Program: Read the monetization rules and network suggestions cautiously to peer if you’re eligible for this software.
YouTube BrandConnect: This application helps agencies collaborate faster with creators on YouTube to spread their messages.

Overall, you need to be 18 years of age to get your YouTube channel monetized. However, making an investment in tech gear, like an awesome digital camera, a mic, and an editing tool, is vital to develop your channel and maintain an extremely good quality over the years.

Publish An E-Book

Revenue potential:

With the rise of self-publishing, you can now write and publish your own e-book to make money online. So if you love history, why not give it a try?

Aside from the writer creating a beautifully designed e-book, you need a designer and writer to make sure your e-book is as great as possible. You can hire freelancers to help you.

You can then upload it to your publishing platform and focus on promoting it. But before you submit, check each company’s royalty policy to see how much you’ll earn on each sale.

Let’s take a look at some self-publishing sites:

Barnes & Noble Press: Offers a dedicated calculator for measuring royalties. If published by B&N Press, you can earn a 70% commission.
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: You can earn a royalty of up to 70% on sales.
Smashwords: If your ebook is sold through a retailer, you get a 60% royalty or at least 80% if you get it directly from Smashwords.
Apple Books for Authors: Authors are paid 70% royalties.

Check the requirements of your own preferred publishing method and follow their instructions to successfully print your e-book. As long as you have a solid product with a title that appeals to readers, you can make it work.

Take Up Freelance Work

Revenue potential: Up to $5,000+ monthly on average, based on your expertise, experience, and effort.

Becoming a freelancer is one of the most popular ways to increase income. This is even more workable for professionals specialized in web development, copywriting, graphic design, or digital marketing, to name a few.

You can start by building a solid portfolio and joining professional social media platforms like LinkedIn or Behance.


Build A Membership Site

Revenue potential: Successful websites can make up to $200K annually.

If you already have a blog or a website with many resources, like articles and how-to guides, you can create subscription plans. Craft exclusive content for loyal subscribers or customers and make extra money.

What kind of content can you build for this purpose? E-books, infographics, and exclusive newsletters are great options. Moreover, you can create backstage content or Q&As to attract more community members if you’re a YouTuber.

Bookriot membership website

Check Bookriot as a reference. It’s a website for book lovers with a community called Book Riot Insiders with three different subscription plans offering exclusive content such as podcasts, new release emails, online courses, or deals.

Looking for top membership website platforms? Check this list:

Once you find the best platform and start your membership plans, make your pricing accessible for multiple people to increase your subscriptions.

Do Voice-Overs

Revenue potential: According to ZipRecruiter, entry-level voice actors can make between $13,500–$32,000 annually.

Another excellent option for people who love storytelling, singing, and acting is doing voice-overs. Having a talent for it is essential, as all companies require you to send a sample of your work to see if your voice fits their projects.

If you start doing voice-overs, many opportunities, such as commercials, demos, movie trailers, and audiobooks, can land in your hands. So if you have a strong and dynamic voice and are interested in bringing new worlds to life, start practicing today to claim your next side gig.

Want to launch your next voice-over work? Here are some websites to look at:

You need to demonstrate your ability to narrate your client’s story and experience breathing techniques and warm-ups. Once you get the job, you’ll need a high-quality microphone and recording software to excel.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Revenue potential: The average hourly rate is $16 – you can earn from $21-56K annually, based on the business.

Many businesses need a part-time workforce to complete administrative tasks for them regularly, e.g., scheduling appointments, arranging travel, etc. You can complete these tasks online, so it’s the perfect solution for people with limited availability who want to work extra from home.

You need time management, organizational skills, and attention to detail to succeed in these side gigs. They may ask you to demonstrate previous experience in Excel or scheduling software, but usually, these jobs are suitable for people with little or no previous working experience, depending on the industry.

You can find a virtual assistant on websites like FiverrUpwork, and Wishup or well-known job boards such as CareerBuilder or Indeed.

Create An Online Course

Revenue potential: You can earn $0-$50K monthly based on your audience and pricing.

Online courses are one of the most successful content types to attract people to your website. Create on-demand courses and share your expertise with your audience.

Search for trending themes to understand what people need to learn to create competitive content. As with previous methods, checking what other course creators do is always good to find a unique angle.

In short, a successful online course consists of clear learning objectives, exciting yet challenging content, and some form of interaction. For example, you can create a community or a forum so that attendees can share their questions and experiences.

Finally, you can host this webinar on your existing website by adding a plugin or joining a dedicated e-learning platform. Let’s see some examples:

Once everything is set, you can build a marketing plan to promote your course to your target audience and increase sales.

Become An e-Tutor

Revenue potential: The average hourly rate for online tutors is $18.30.

During the pandemic, work from home and e-tutoring became vital, and many teachers started to use video calling software like TrueConfZoom, and Meet to connect with their students. This has opened a new pathway to how teachers and mentors can deliver tutoring and training.

So if you are an expert in a particular field, why not share your knowledge with other people? From maths to foreign languages and writing, find your hen with the golden eggs and get ready to share your know-how with enthusiastic students.

However, you should treat this gig more diligently, as you work directly with people. Prepare your classes beforehand to satisfy your students’ needs.

Here are some useful platforms to visit if you’re considering e-tutoring:

  • Job boards: Find available job postings on websites like Indeed or Craigslist.
  • Tutors are paid a set hourly rate, including incentives for high-quality tutoring.
  • You can find different gig types, from childcare to tutoring.

Every platform has different requirements for tutors, like previous teaching experience or graduate degrees. Most require you to complete an assessment before accepting you, so read the instructions carefully to make money online.


Sell Your Stuff Online

Revenue potential: It depends on the product you sell and its quality

If you want to make money online fast and receive it upfront, consider selling second-hand items. From T-shirts to furniture, find all the neat items you don’t need anymore and prepare to give them out. To ensure that the price you ask for is decent, search for the original price and reduce it based on the current quality.

what consumers sell online


You can also sell your tech gear, like old laptops or cameras, or even trade them to get cash back. It’s not a practice that will bring you a lot of money, but it can help you make it fast.

Let’s see some websites you’ll find helpful:

Ensure that the items you sell are in good condition, as some platforms will require proof to secure their shoppers. Therefore, to promote these items on the platforms above, you’ll need to take high-resolution photos or videos to attract the right consumers.

Complete Online Surveys

Revenue potential: The range varies based on the items you complete. For example, for 30 monthly surveys, you may end up with approximately $150.

One of the easiest ways to gain extra dollars is by completing online surveys. Many businesses conduct market research to get the consumers’ opinions before launching a new product.

However, this method will not bring you big cash. Consider it more if you need to make some pocket money in your extra time, as the pay for a single survey hardly ever exceeds $5. Moreover, sometimes, businesses provide participants with gift cards or similar incentives instead.

Finally, read each survey’s instructions carefully as there might be demographic limitations, e.g., occupation or location. In most cases, the age range starts from 18, but you can find surveys that accept 13-year-olds and above.

Test Websites And Apps

Revenue potential: If you complete several tests monthly, you can earn approximately $140.

Are you a tech-savvy person with a keen eye for detail? Then there’s one excellent side gig for you that you can’t miss out on – website testing.

Long story short, you’ll be among the first people to navigate new apps and websites and share feedback to improve their functionality and design. The rate per test varies based on the methods business owners and UX specialists use. For example, the rate usually gets higher if you participate in live sessions.

Here are what sites you can visit to get started:

  • Usertesting: You will complete a quiz, and if you pass, you will be matched with test opportunities based on your results. You’ll usually receive payment by Paypal one week after completing the test.
  • Ubertesters: This app is mainly for QA testers with rich theoretical knowledge. You can participate in projects from big brands, testing pre-released websites, apps, and games.
  • Userbrain: After you pass the qualification test, you can participate in 5-20-minute tests and receive $5 for each via PayPal.

You must pass a qualification test to start this side hustle. So sharpen your web development, QA, and UX design skills before registering for the final stage.

Sell Your Photos

Revenue potential: For royalty-free sales, you can earn between $0.10 to $99.50. With extended licenses, you can move up to $500.

If you love taking photos and have a high-resolution camera, you can consider selling them to stock photo sites. Find which categories are in demand and take some great relevant shots.

You can also do the same with video footage for business owners who want to buy stock content for their campaigns to save money. Overall, practicing your hobby is a great way to make a passive income.

Getty Images to sell money online

Here are some stock photo sites to explore:

  • Getty Images: Royalty rates start at 15%, and exclusive contributors can earn up to 45%.
  • Vecteezy: They have a Free and Pro program – in the Free program, you earn $5.00 per 1,000 downloads for photos and $10.00 for videos. In the Pro program, there’s a 50% revenue split.
  • Shutterstock: Read the instructions carefully to understand earning levels based on licenses.

Once you upload your work to the chosen platform, they’ll review it carefully to see if it meets their requirements. Lastly, you’d better watch out for possible copyright violations before submission.


1. How can I make money online immediately?

You can sell second-hand items like clothes or furniture to make money online ASAP. Moreover, you also have the option to complete online surveys or test websites/mobile apps to earn some cash quickly.

2. How can I make $100 per day on the Internet?

There are many options to choose from. For instance, you can create and sell online courses, take freelance work, or become a part-time virtual assistant.

3. How do I make money online from my own website?

Firstly, you can sell advertising space or spread affiliate links inside your content. In addition, consider creating membership programs by offering exclusive offers and resources to subscribers.

Welcome to the digital era where the possibilities of making money online are endless. In today’s fast-paced world, online earning has become a popular choice for many individuals looking to supplement their income or even replace their traditional 9-5 job. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or simply someone with a passion to share, the internet offers a myriad of opportunities to generate revenue. In this blog, we will explore the strategies and techniques you can employ to carve out your own path to financial success in the digital realm.

The Side Hustle Hustle: make money online Without Selling Your Soul

The internet, once a vast wasteland of cat videos and questionable forums, has morphed into a bustling marketplace teeming with opportunities. Today, armed with a laptop and a little know-how, you can ditch the 9-5 grind and carve your own path to financial freedom – online! But with countless “get rich quick” schemes lurking in the shadows, navigating this digital gold rush can be daunting. Fear not, intrepid adventurer, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to make money online without sacrificing your sanity or integrity.

Embrace the Gig Economy: Gone are the days of rigid career ladders. The gig economy, where you work on short-term projects for various clients, offers flexibility and freedom. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr connect you with businesses seeking everything from writing and graphic design to data entry and virtual assistance. Identify your skills, polish your profile, and start bidding on projects – remember, competitive pricing and excellent communication are key.

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Channel Your Creativity: Passionate about baking? Share your culinary wisdom through recipe blogs or online courses. Love photography? Sell your stunning shots on stock photo websites. The internet loves unique content, so if you have a creative spark, don’t let it go to waste. Build an audience through social media, showcase your work on relevant platforms, and monetize it through advertising, sponsorships, or even selling your own creations.

Teach What You Know: Knowledge is power, and sharing it can be profitable. If you’re an expert in a particular field, consider online tutoring or creating educational content. Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare allow you to design and sell courses on virtually any topic and make money online. Alternatively, start a blog or YouTube channel, offering valuable insights and attracting potential clients or brand partnerships. Remember, effective teaching requires clear communication, engaging content, and a genuine passion for your subject.

Become a Master Reseller: Do you have an eagle eye for bargains? Online arbitrage might be your calling. This involves buying products at a discount and reselling them for a profit on platforms like eBay or Amazon. Start by researching profitable niches, source your inventory wisely, and optimize your listings for maximum visibility. Remember, excellent customer service and competitive pricing are crucial for success in the resale game.

The Power of Passive Income: Who doesn’t love the idea of make money online while you sleep? While passive income streams rarely generate overnight riches, they can provide a steady trickle of income over time. Invest in dividend-paying stocks, create and sell ebooks or printables, or even rent out a spare room on Airbnb. Remember, building passive income requires upfront effort and research, but the long-term rewards can be significant.


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