How to Recover your Phone if Dropped in Water

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How to Recover your Phone if Dropped in Water : Today we are going to share with you How to Recover your Phone if Dropped in Water. In This Post we will guide you complete process to recover your phone completely and recover its original state.

If Mobile phone drops in water many of us started to do several tricks to dry it at first place and remove battery, put phone in sunshine and many quick tricks. Unfortunately to solve this problem we often do something that instead of recovering the phone make it out of work. Hence it is necessary to know from experts, what to do at first place if your Phone if Dropped in Water.

How to Recover your Phone if Dropped in Water

In Case the mobile phone dropped in water some people try to dry it from hair dryer. Hair dryer throws very hot air which is harmful for internal sockets. furthermore putting your phone in some radiator or oven can harm its internal components.

First of all if mobile phone fall in water do not try to turn it on or use it having removed it from water or taken out. Pressing different buttons can cause loss to its circuit and can cause complete loss of your mobile phone. The same way putting your phone on charging can cause big loss to it. It is extremely harmful to use after removing from water, so better to turn it off immediately. After removing from water better to dry the phone with dry cloths and wrap the phone for sometime in tissue paper which will absorb the water from outside. Also you must remove the SIM CARD, Battery and memory card before doing it.

Fix your phone fall in water

Also you must know that RICE absorb water largely so after drying it from cloth immediately put your mobile phone in a container full of rice and put it in between that the complete mobile phone is covered with rice. it is better to remove upper casing as well so that RICE absorbing effect can work internally also. however putting your phone in sunshine is also good after initial drying from a cloth.

With the above technique also put your mobile phone battery in sunshine or rice container. since battery is consisting of electricity, most chances are battery damage and requires replacement.

If your Mobile phone still not working, it is better to take it to the company service center and make sure to avoid hiding the reason with service center people since they can find out the reason through internal review of your mobile phone and could determine if it is not working due to water entrance or some other reason.


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