Lado Rani Complete Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler

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ریاض عاقب کوہلر
(محبت کئی رنگ بدلتی ہے ،لیکن جب شفقت و عقیدت ،محبت کے روپ میں ڈھلتی ہے تو….کچھ ایسی ہی کہانیاں جنم لیتی ہیں )

The book Lado Rani Novel Pdf is an excellent social and romantic story by Riaz Aqib Kohler. In this novel, the writer describes the life story of a girl Dua who found her love after much trouble. She had a firm belief in love and prayed to God to fulfil her desire.

Riaz Aqib Kohler is a famous story writer and novelist who authored some excellent serialised stories for digests and magazines. He earned much fame and respect for his action, thrill, and romantic novels. I hope you like to read the book Lado Rani Novel Pdf and share it.

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Novel based on positive thinking, very nicely covered from Riaz Aqib Kohler

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