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Nimrah Ahmed come online once in a year for her readers to reply their questions and answers the comment in an open forum. NEMRAH AHMED INTERVIEW : Today we are sharing with you an interview from Nemrah’s fans which was online and nemrah replied to readers questions and comments. Also NEMRAH AHMED INTERVIEW goes here. Here is few comments we are quoting our readers. if you like it, kindly leave your comment in below comment section so that we will try to add more questions and comments time by time.


Masooma Raza Why don’t you show us your pic 😊 why don’t you allow directors to make dramas/movies based on your novels? Nemrah Ahmed: Because dearie I wear Hijaab so it wont be appropriate if I show my pic, right ? And I dont allow tele adaptation of my novels because it wont be fair with me, my books and the message I am trying to give. also, A senior writer commented on this a few months ago in a private gathering that the day Nemrah finds out that a drama writer is paid 30/40 lacs for a drama, she will sell her novels too. Furthermore My answer to my senior writer, I already know how much people are being paid and I still believe I am a novelist and not a dramatist so I just dont want to go that way. I hope people come to respect that as a personal choice. Maimoona Khan: What do u do other than writing? I mean any other job? Nemrah Ahmed: I do more than one jobs but I wont like to publicise them Amna Nazir Asalam o Alikum Nimrah . I have two questions 1 . Any inspirational event of your life which gave you inspiration to write better than before ? 2. What’s the diff between today’s nimhra & the Nimrah wrote first time in her life ? Nemrah Ahmed: Nemrah of today wants to write less and less bitter now. also, More tolerant, less judgemental and a better version of her ownself she is now. Aiman Irfan Hey!W/Salam ! I have just 2 short questions. .. hope for answers 1-What’s your qualification? 2-what will be the end of haalim ? (Happy or sad)?


Nemrah Ahmed: Masters in Eng Lit. Laiba Taha Asalam o alaikum nimra aapi i want to ask you that how do you select the name of ur characters? Nemrah Ahmed: I keep looking and looking until I find a name that matches the persona of my character. For Taaliyah I had two names. Nataliyah and Natasha / Taaliyah and Tasha. also, in the end I selected Taliyah and Tasha Nishi Mehar Walaikum Assalam Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuh! 1: How do you balance making demands on the readers with taking care of the readers? 2: What does literary success look like to you? And of course I love you for the pleasure of ALLAH Stay Blessed Dear Writer! More Power to your pen! Nemrah Ahmed: 1) I just want my readers to UNDERSTAND what I want to say. As long as I keep writing what they should read instead of what they want to read, I am okay and eventually they get okay too It is a success if it influences someone’s thinking, mentality, approach or a decision. also, Its not to get awards or to impress people with difficult vocabulary or ambiguous diction. Sidra Aftab Can we hold a nemrah ahmed meetup? Like you guys can sell tickets here for meetup. I am hoping everyone will be excited to do that. Nemrah Ahmed: Ummm good idea. Let me get free from Haalim and we’ll try to do that Umair Tahsin WLikum assalam. Hope that you are doing very well. -Are you married?! If, then how many kids do you have?! (A bit personal but it is from my little sister sobia tahsin. She is an eight grade student and a ‘recent’ fan of yours. However after knowing that you are going to vote ImranKhan. Hope you won’t mind her silly question. Are you optimistic about Imran Khan and his co. Also That they will deliver and fulfill the promises they made with us?! Where are you seeing pakistan after 5 years?! Nemrah Ahmed: -Married as of now? No. -Let’s see what he does. Iqra Rafique Assalam o alaikum please try to write novels reality basis. Furthermore You use lot of fantasy or unrealistic ideas. However I didn’t understand halim novel.i don’t know why? Furthermore mushaf was a best novel of yours and in jannat k patay the hijab matter you portrayed that very beautifully. Nemrah Ahmed: First of all, Do you read newspapers Iqra? Do you know about Panama Leaks ? Do you know we have had an election a week ago? However If not, and if you dont know details of any one of them. Furthermore you are not aware of the REALITY around us. Politics is one of the biggest realities around us. Once you relate Haalim to our country you will understand it. Khadija Abubakar Aoa I want to ask how many episodes of halim are remaining? And after halim what will be ur next topic? Nemrah Ahmed: Next topic tou main itni aasaani say nahi batanay wali 🙂 bus 4-6 months aur rehtay hain iA Khansa Khan First of all what inspired u to start writing? Furthermore at which age did u start writing? Nemrah Ahmed: When I was 9 I wrote my first story in which there was a King and a Queen and a Princess who all die of a mysterious disease. The end Amnah Kashif Who is your favourite writer… I mean in terms of drawing inspiration.which author has inspired you the most? Nemrah Ahmed: Zafar Mahmood. J K Rowling. Shonda Rhimes Fatima Aliآپ اپنا وقت کیسے مینج کرتی ہیں؟ کیا آپ امورخانہ میں دل چسپی رکھتی ہیں؟ کھانے میں سب سے اچھاکیا بناتی ہیں؟ Nemrah Ahmed: Lasagna. Steaks with white sauce. I can basically make a few dishes only but I make them so good that people think I am a great chef. I am not. Candy Frost Halim me fateh ka character Kisi leadr say inspired hay actuly???? Nemrah Ahmed: A mixture of a lot of leaders primarily Hillary Clinton. She is my fav! Noorey Azal Wa alykum assalam Umeed hy aap bakheriyat hon gi Namal parhny k baad Myri ak friend ka kehna tha k aap bhtt achi *Criminal* bn skti hyn 😃 to btaiye agr aap ko Scam krny (just asking)ka moqa mily to aap k khyal myn aap k kamyab hony k kitny imkanat hyn? Nemrah Ahmed: Official 200% Shaheer Abbasi Ap k novel k baray may kaha gea hai k korean movie se idea lia gae hai…kia ye sach hai Nemrah Ahmed: Jinho ne kaha hai wo jab kisi aur baat pe tanqeed ker nahi saktay tou yahi kehtay hain NEMRAH AHMED INTERVIEW


Finally NEMRAH AHMED INTERVIEW was taken place on facebook where lot of people and readers came and asked Nimrah alot of questions. Furthermore NEMRAH AHMED INTERVIEW was online and available completely on Nimrah Ahmed Facebook Page. Also NEMRAH AHMED INTERVIEW is made here available for readers exclusively.  

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