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Urdu Times is a name of biggest news delivery network, Urdu times USA has their paper published in New York a weekly Urdu Newspaper, Urdu Times UK is weekly Urdu Newspaper published in UK. Urdu Times Daily is Indian Urdu News Paper, we are bringing here today the Links of Each Urdu News Paper published internationally.


Urdu Times is a free Urdu daily paper from New York. It was first distributed in 1980. Throughout the years, Urdu Times broadened the territory of production and is presently being distributed in New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Mississauga (a suburb of Toronto), Montreal, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Khalil-ur-Rehman is the central manager of Urdu Times. In Canada the papers is going by Mohammad Azam Gondal and Tahir Chaudhary in the United Kingdom.



In 1980, it was only a 4 pages daily news paper. Since there was no web or Pakistani stations and the phone was extremely costly, to get the news Khali-ur-Rahman used to get the most recent duplicates of the Pakistani Urdu daily papers from the Pakistan International Airlines’ staff that used to fly with the departure from Pakistan. The vast majority of the pages were set up by reordering the news from the old day by day Pakistani papers while the most recent couple of news were gotten by phone the day preceding the distribution. Additionally, since there were no PCs, Mr. Rahman contracted the solitary Urdu ‘Katib’ (calligrapher) in New York city to compose the features.

The way toward distributing the paper experienced a few developmental advances and today 80% of the news altering and page making completes in the Urdu Times office in Lahore Pakistan. The finished pages are transmitted by means of Internet to different printing squeezes all finished North American.

The Urdu Times has additionally composed global Urdu gatherings in North America.

Urdu Times USA

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