Use Whatsapp through web on Laptop PC Desktop

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Great news for Whatsapp Users. Now Use Whatsapp through web on Laptop PC Desktop on Big Screen with entire wide application on web, Whatsapp web feature has made it quite easy to make it usable through your Desktop/Laptop and chat with friends, share videos or pictures from your system.

Use Whatsapp on Laptop HOW?

All you need to do is go to Whatsapp Web and find the QR code on very front of the screen, now from your Phone go to Whatsapp settings and

WhatsApp Web/Desktop

option and scan the code visible on your Desktop/Laptop screen with your mobile phone.

Now you are logged in to your whatsapp from your PC/Laptop, all chats history will be visible to your Laptop/Desktop, now you can enjoy chat from your system and share your photos/vidoes and contacts with your whatsapp friends directly 🙂

how to Use Whatsapp through web on Laptop PC Desktop

In just few simple steps you are able to use your whatsapp existing account on your desktop. all you need is a existing activated whatsapp account which you can easily through very few simple steps login on your PC.

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