Wah Ray Abba Jee Urdu Novel

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Aemal Raza is one of the leading and well known novelist with her regular novels being published in most famous Pakistani Urdu Novels such as Khawateen Digest, Shuaa Digest and Kiran Digest. Her Novel Urdu Novels have most varieties everybody look for, i.e. funny Novels, Romantic Novels, Sadness. We wish to showcase this versatile Pakistani talent in global arena.

Aymal has surprisingly different writing style that will surprize you for sure if you read her for the first time. Her most famous novels Taveez e Hub is a masterpiece. Hence after reading this you will love to read her more, and we recommend you to read Piyal Saaz



Wahh Ray Abba Jee is Published in Shuaa Digest April 2018 Edition. 


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