7 Most Expensive Perfumes

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What makes a fragrance supremely expensive? The raw materials that go into its making? Perhaps. The world’s most expensive perfumes also have the world’s rarest and priciest ingredients. Brand equity, perhaps? Maybe. The most expensive perfumes come from the most exclusive high-fashion brands. The sparkling limited edition crystal bottle it comes with? Most certainly.

What’s clear is that the lucky few who wear these perfumes are willing to spend on one bottle what many of us take months to earn. Much of the worldly pleasures we experience are, after all, dictated by our olfactory senses. The nose knows.

Here are seven of the most expensive perfumes in the market today. One common quality of all the scents on the list is their longevity. Many were created years earlier and are still highly sought after today. Price isn’t the only object. Many of these are also rare and extremely hard to find.  These reasons, plus the enchantment that the actual scents provide, contribute to the fascination.

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