Haalim Novel by Nimrah Ahmed

Haalim Novel

Haalim Complete Novel by Nimra Ahmed Read Online. Each Episode is available on this page you can read in PDF format online without any registration or downloading process. this is suitable version of online reading for Slow internet connection users. Online Reading in PDF format HAALIM COMPLETE NOVEL Haalim Novel All Episodes are regularly Being Updated here, read Online all Episode in below PDF format in High Definition format. The New Episodes will be published here as soon as released. Haalim EPISODE 1 Gadlay Paaniyon Ka Sangam   Haalim EPISODE…

Haalim By Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novel Episode 18

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Haalim By Nimra Ahmed Complete released Episodes available here for online readers. Haalim Episode 18 going to be released in November 2018. Read all Available Online episodes and PDF download. Current Episode 18 is late due to some busy schedule of writer. Episode 18 was initially planned on 1st October but this month Writer arrange an event with the readers caused delay in Episode. Episode that we will bring for Haalim Lovers once it is released. Haalim Episode 18 is “Choor Or Jasoos” چور اور جاسوس Current Episode : Halim…

Haalim Episode 16 PDF Download Nemrah Ahmed

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Haalim Episode 16 Online reading and available in PDF for Download. Online Reading best experience for Urdu Novel Haalim by Nemrah Ahmed. Urdu Novel Halim Epi 16 for readers uploaded. You can read Halim Episode 16 here. Haalim 16th Episode name is, (دوری نگارہ ملایو) (ملایا کا کانٹا) “Duri Negara Melayu” (The Thorn of Malaya). The name of chapter 16 is quite unique. We hope that you will enjoy the episode after reading and we will wait for your comments. As same as all previous episodes Halim Episode 16 taking you to new directions in Nemrah Ahmed’s…

Haalim by Nemrah Ahmed Haalim Episode 16

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Haalim Episode 16 is released on 29th August 2018 officially on Internet, Keep in mind that the episode on internet is quite ahead of monthly Digest. Haalim each episode is published in Monthly Khawateen Digest exclusively. After the previous episode of Halim THE ELECTIONS novel and writer went through lot of controversies. Lot of people objected due to a new twist in Episode 15 and the negativity in main character of Novel. However as soon as Episode 16 is released readers must have realized some major facts and truths. Kindly…

Meet Nemrah Ahmed Novelist

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Alhumdolilah we have had our first Meet and Greet event today. I met scores of my readers there. Someone came from tribal area. Someone flew from New York. Mothers came with teenage daughters! And my team surprised me with a birthday cake while I was on stage and that left me dumbstruck for a minute. The event had a “Malacca Jungle” theme. And this pic is a ten feet tall book in the corner which served as our photobooth. Will soon upload pics of our those guests who will allow…

Haalim Episode 15

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Haalim Episode 15 finally going to be published today 21st July. Its Taaliah Murad’s Birthday Also. There is with you a good news. Yes, Haalimians!! a very we good news for you that this month Haalim Episode is coming with its best twist and eye opening twists of the novel. Haalim Episode 15 PDF Download from your very own site with High quality images as well as PDF file to read in offline mode, Scroll down to see complete page and find Haalim Quotes for Whatsapp Status, Nimrah Ahmed’s Message…

Haalim Episode 16

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Nemrah Ahmed is famous since years for her unique writing style and choosy topics in her novels. Haalim is another masterpiece & currently most requested novel in Monthly Khawateen Digest. Haalim Episode 16 PDF DOWNLOAD and online reading both options are available here in this very page. Halim Episode 16 is going to publish in Khawateen Digest in end of August 2018. However the novel for Online readers are available with a bit of episodes ahead of Monthly Digest. Online Episode reading or Downloading PDF is reader’s choice. Furthermore the…

Haalim Episode 14

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Haalim’s Chapter 14th to read in June, The Name of the 14th episode is “Malika-e-badd” (The Evil Queen) ملکہء بد. Episode 14 of Haalim is going to be officially published in next week In Sha ALLAH!  Therefore you can now read Haalim Episode 14 in this June Online reading here by Khawateen Digest. 

Haalim Episode 14 By Nimra Ahmed

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The Name of the 14th chapter of Haalim is ملکہ بد (The Bad Queen). Read Haalim Episode 14 by Nimrah Ahmed Pakistani one of the finest and Famous novelist Nimra Ahmed has introduced this very Novel for Khawateen Digest specially read and loved by ladies but not ONLY ladies Read the Novel, but everyone. Haalim Episode 14 Download version as well as readable version for the Month of June..   Join our WHATSAPP GROUP for updates. Click Here   Read PDF Version Below for previous episode and Scroll Down for…

Haalim Episode 13 by Nimra Ahmed Download

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The Name of the 13th episode of Haalim is Waqt Kay Teen Sawal is Three Questions of Time. Read Haalim Episode May by Nemrah Ahmed who is Pakistani one of the Best and Well-known writer Nimra Ahmed has announced this very Novel for Khawateen Digest specially liked and loved by ladies but most of all ONLY women Read Haalim Episode 13 by Nimra Ahmed Download form as well as readable version for the Month of May.. Read in PDF here and scroll down to read on page with high resolution.…