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Haalim’s Chapter 14th to read in June, The Name of the 14th episode is “Malika-e-badd” (The Evil Queen) ملکہء بد. Episode 14 of Haalim is going to be officially published in next week In Sha ALLAH!  Therefore you can now read Haalim Episode 14 in this June Online reading here by Khawateen Digest

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haalim episode 14

Haalim specially liked and loved by ladies but most of all not ONLY women Read Haalim Episode 14 by Nimra Ahmed Download form as well as readable version for the Month of June..

Read in PDF here and scroll down to read on page with high resolution. for Download Scroll Down.

Episodes from April are a hundred+ Pages and that i’m taking part in it so muchbut in Ramzan fasting and Haalim writing is on its peaks. Readers of course are pressurizing plenty to release the episode however i can now not. without finishing full a hundred+ Pages Episodes, Nemrah added.


Dear readers around the world! Assalamoalaikum!

How are you all doing? How is your Ramadan going? I am sort of cramped between fasting and Haalim writing. To be honest, never have I enjoyed a novel more than Haalim.

I am penning down the 14th episode these days whose last scene is my most favourite twist ever. I bet even my most genius readers haven’t seen it coming!

Though the hints were there since the first episode but I am SO glad that no one guessed it!

The main theme of Haalim is, you know, becoming an honest person and letting go of the past! Interestingly a girl came up to me a few days ago in a family function and asked if she could really go back in time and correct her mistakes and turn over a fresh leaf?

I was a bit appalled but told her that Haalim doesn’t teach you to go back in time and rewrite your past. It wants you to learn that you have to let go of the past, and rewrite your future with a better ink.

Another thing that some people complain is that Fateh is a married man and his love triangle with Taaliyah and Asra would sort of be disappointing.

Yes I know. It’s taboo to write about, lets face it, “home-wreckers” and “second wives” and “complicated marriages”. But if you notice, all marriages in Haalim ARE complicated.

Taaliyah has a stalker of an ex husband, Fateh has a dull married life, and Adam just broke off with Fatima while being in love with another girl.

THAT is what it is about. Complicated marriages and divorces and relationships. You can have so many writers in the world telling you stories of smooth marriages that last with “happily everafters” or love triangles that end up in one happy couple and one not-so-sad third person.

But isnt it about time when we pen down stories of divorcing women with stalkers of ex’s? Stories of complicated marriages and unsupportive wives? Stories of break-ups? And “how to move on after that”?

There are so many people out there struggling with break-ups and broken hearts, so why not write their stories? While I may not be able to answer all the complicated questions in their minds, I am sure I will show them “hope” after “destruction” because that is what so many out there need!

So don’t worry about taboo themes or complicated marriages. Writers cant write what people want to read. We have to write what people need to read.

So read such themes with an open mind and as long as a writer isnt writing anything immoral or against cultural or religious values, it is perfectly fine!

You might hate the idea of a second marriage but there are real people out there who have had more than one legit relationships in their lives and their stories need to be told too.

What I enjoy most about Haalim writing is that because we are ahead of digest, I have no “last date/deadline” pressure on me. Hence That makes my job much more relaxed and improves my writing.

I have challenged myself to write 100+ pages since april and I am SO enjoying it MashaAllah. The only pressure is of you guys to “give episodes quickly” but I don’t mind it much since aap log tou apnay hain na 😉 Aap kay sath tou der sawer chal jati hai. Aap jitna shor machaayen, main ne episode poori kernay kay baad “lambi” hi deni hai.

But is dafa pichli dafa say jaldi aaye ge. InshaAllah.

Acha one more thing!

The next episode, the 14th one, is a very important episode because of the theme (that follows due to the girl Taaliyah terminated). And I want all the girls and boys out there to carefully read every word related to that because sooner or later, in your practical work lives, you will need it.

And lastly, when I wrote the scene about Taaliyah terminating the girl, Gull said to me that it reminded her of how Taaliyah had fired the Royal Historian and hired Adam in his place in ancient times.

I was like, “is this the ONLY incident you noticed, girl? Almost every second incident in New Era is a however replica of what happened with the trio back in ancient Melacca but with different consequences!”

Most Awaited episode of Haalim, Episode 14 is now going to be released this week. we have already declared that the episode will be long and most entertaining. and also has the most lovely part of complete novel that is however Nimrah Ahmed’s favorite too. Read the episode soon here in high quality Haalim Episode 14

Have you guys noticed? Being a writer I would be horrified if you HAVENT! So please don’t be like Gull and enjoy Haalim more by drawing parallels between both times.

Let me know in comments how is your Ramadan going!

Nemrah Ahmed

Halim episode 14 will uploaded INSHA ALLAH BEFORE EID.

حالم سے آپ نے جو سیکھا وہ آپ ہم سے شیر کر سکتے ہیں


DOWNLOAD Last Episode in PDF

Furthermore Haalim Episode 14 by Nimra Ahmed is going to publish in Khawateen Digest June Edition. However we let you know that the episode you read in monthly digest is far behind than the one we publish online. furthermore This will also available in markets for Urdu Novels lovers.

Furthermore Anyone who has not yet started reading this novel is recommended to read it from first Episode. We promise that this will change your mind.

Haalim episode 14 online reading June

Rather As a result : Haalim Saying: Kamzor Laug Shayed Apny Lye Khary Naa Bhi Hon. To Bhi Un Kay Liye Zarur Hotay Hain. Jin Se Woh Muhabbat Kerty hain!! furthermore from haalim episode 14 read halim novel epi 14

Haalim episode 14 pdf download

Stay in touch to read halim episode 14 pdf and haalim episode 14 online reading

Wakt Bhot Bada Marhum Hai, Waqqt Buhot Kuch Khud He Theek Ker deta hai!!! from haalim latest download

Haalim episode 14 download


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53 Thoughts to “Haalim Episode 14”

  1. Alia

    Ramzan is going quite nice…. although the fast is bit tough to handle in such weather, but with God grace it has become easy…. how is ur ramzan going??
    You are absolutely ‘A fabulous ‘ writer… I always wait for the next episode of HAALIM with finger crossed…. Hope to read it soon?..

  2. Samra

    Haalim epi 14 kab tak publish ho ge.

  3. Rizwan

    My ramzan is going quite good but not as good as in previous years because now I have to study even in ramzan and giving much of the time to worships like previous years is not possible as proff is going to be held in October.Also hostel problems etc which a student faces especially in ramzan.There are some good aspects of hostel too like no load shedding etc
    As a whole I am enjoying this ramzan very much
    I always wait for haalim episode impatiently and I think it deserve it.I have also read the NAMAL in episodes which was an excellent novel.
    The most attractive thing for me is your I.Q level as your novels tells us about your sharp mind.Happy ramzan to you too

  4. Nimra Shah

    Hi Nemrah! How are you doing. My Ramadan are going great. I’m a huge fan of yours….. I have read many of your novels including JKP my personal favorite. I like the way you write and mould thinking of the readers, it’s really Fab…… I want you to reply to my email. I will wait with the hope that you will do it soon after reading it. With great love and respect

    From:- Nimra Shah

  5. M.M

    Assalam o alikum
    Mera ramzan Alhamdulilah acha jaa raha hai mera comment krny ka maksad haalim novel mai apni ek uljhan ko door krna hai fateh pehly police station gay thy or bayan record krwaya us k baad waha se nikal kr wo shikarbaaz k paas gay jaha unhy 3 sawalo ka ilm hua lekin jub wo police station hai to 3 sawalo pr zor de rahy hai bayan mai hint de rahy hai jub k unhy abhi pata bhi nahi k shikaarbaaz unhy ye kahy ga How..? Plz meri is uljhan ko door kr den

    1. Tabi Zahid

      Walaikum Assalam
      g Aap ki baat bilkul Durust hai k Fateh pehley Police Station hi gaye thy lekin Shayd aap miss kar rahi hain ke
      Episode 13 k Start me Jab Fateh or Murad Raja Batain kar rahy thy Or Fateh puch raha tha k Yaaddasht kese wapis a sakti hai tb Muraad Raja ne hi Fateh ko btaya tha ke Tumhain Apni Dunia k Shikarbaaz Rehber se milna hoga.Wo tum se teen sawal puchey ga Agar tum in ka jawab de sakey to tumhare liye umeed nikal sakti hai……….

  6. Mubeen Shakir

    Halim episode kab tk apload ho gi
    Meri Nimra Ahmad sy guzarish h k plzzzzz Halim ka end acha likhiye ga plzzzzz
    Mubeen Shakir

    1. caretofun

      Next week


    Hi, Ramadan is going fine and blessed. I am also a regular reader of Haalim. But interesting thing is that I work in Malaysia and I always fantasize your novel with daily routine in KL and I have plan to go Melaca in coming Eid Holidays. By the way, in reality, Barison Nasional, the party of Wan Fateh has lost the election and not in Government anymore.

    Waiting for Episode 14 !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mahal

      And in addition to the current political situation of Malaysia, Malay people are very happy about their new prime Minister Mahathir who is in force since May this year. I actually have a very close Malay friend who lives near me and that’s through her that I know about Malaysia, its people, culture, food, etc.

  8. Mrs sajid

    I want to say something about promise keeping. When we talk about great religion we debat aggressively on values of Islam. In those values promise keeping is very important value. Writer give a date to us for an episode of novel and we are all waiting for on the given date but not fulfilled the promise on Time. What will you say about it

    1. Munzee

      Assalam O Alaikum Mam jesa k oper nimrah jee ka message page pr haalim readers k liay uplaod kia gya ha,us mn nimrah jee ny koi specific date nahi btai hai Epi 14 k aany ki.. Or Nimrah jee k aik or fb message mn unk readers k liay pegham main unhon ny ye bhi point out kia hai k abhi 20+ pages are remaining To write… Aur 13th epi uplaod jb ki gai tb bhi wazeh tor pr kaha gya tha unki traf sy ky next episodes late hon gi
      so is dfa koi promise ni kia gya writer ki traf sy

  9. Aqsa nadir

    Ramadan is going tough and harder with first year papers but you know my thirst can only quenched with books and novels. In now days I’m reading namal that you write before haalim. The best ever character is saadi that changes my life and enjoy the love between zumar and faris
    I have a question there do you learn Quran with tafseer or tarjma?

  10. Aqsa nadir

    Assalam o alaikum
    Ramadan is going tough and harder with first year but you know my thirst can only quenched with books and novels
    In now days I’m reading the namal that you write before haalim I impressed by the character of saadi that changes my life and enjoy the love between zumar and faris
    Have a question there do you learn Quran with tarjma or tafseer?

  11. Maham

    I just don’t like that fact that it’s said that nowTalia and Fateh are in Nikah which is ridiculous as it’s just not possible. You just can’t go in past and have your nikah in past and come back to the present. Even if it’s only a novel, when they are back in present, their nikah doesn’t exist anymore as the time stopped when they went back in the past so they won’t have any date as to when their nikah was performed? Can they prove it? Ok then again, you can say, they don’t have to prove it to people but still as the time stopped, everything which happened during that time, should be seen as void and can you explain a nikah which was performed hundreds of year back in the past….ridiculous. The idea of time travelling is taken from the English novels such as the one by Stephen King but we forget that Christians don’t have to pay attention on the very religious issues such as Nikah in Muslims. Nemrah Ahmed, you could have described it as a civil marriage or just a marriage contract or they could have said to Murad that they were already married (without actually having that Nikah ceremony). Murad didn’t even confirm if the Nikah actually took place or not so what was the purpose of that Nikah? If the only purpose was that Taliya can call Fateh “her husband” in present, it’s ridiculous!!!!I hope they only had done a promise or they fell in love in past and promised to each other that they will marry once they go back and then Fateh forget everthing in present and when he gains his memory again, he marries Talia but not the way it’s shown now, it’s really ridiculous and unvalid, unacceptable, etc…….

    1. Ayat khan

      Maham The idea of marrying was by malika yan sufu as having her own securities and their is so many movies on past present links but her concept was literally different and impressive the sort of marriages that had happened was for some reason so just wait and read

  12. Aqsa nadir

    Maham abhi ap ne Talia or fateh K nikah ki bat ki nikah kabhi bi totta jab tak apka shohar 7 saal tk LA pata na Ho otherwise wo alehda sort e haal ha jab talaq Ho jati ha
    Nikah past me kiya gaya lakin gawah bi present me mojod Ho or miya biwi bi to wo nikah hi rahe GA wo alehda bat ha k Ye apko pasand nhi aya

  13. Lubna

    AP ek dafa hi sahi date Dy Diya kren.har dafa agy Kar dety hn uploading..MN kb sy 5 June k intzar MN thi

  14. Lubna

    Kindly ek hi date Diya kren na new episode uploading ki….we are waiting….

  15. S Samra

    4 years i guess

  16. Sara

    Kab taq aye gi episode 14???7th June hogi hai….

    1. Nimra Shah

      It will be uploaded on 14th of June as already mentioned by Nimra Ahmad. By the way my name is Nimra too.

  17. Saleem

    A.a nimra! Apke sare novels boht ache hn. Ma be sbse pehle JKP parha us se itna mutasir hua k apke sare novels parh liye r in me se MUSHAF mje boht pasand aya r usne mje Quran ko smajh kr parhne pe motivate kia.
    Mje ye btate hue khushi ho rahi h k meri life me ak boht bara change aya ha r usme kuch hath apke novels JKP r MUSHAF ka b ha.
    Halim ak boht acha r munfarid novel ha.umeed ha ye episode b boht achi ho g.
    Allah apko ak behtreen zindagi jeene ka moqa at a kre

  18. Nimra Shah

    Hello Nimra Ahmed, I’m a huge fan of yours. Please reply me at my email. I’m waiting……

  19. Iqra Saleem

    I like your novels so much. After reading your novels I all want to be a novel writer .In your previous novels like jannat ka pattay and namal you tell us tafseer of different suras and relate that to story or give lesson but haalim is different .I like your that way of writing because that effect my life much and infuse passion to understand Quran like you.

  20. waqas

    Assalam-o alaikum NIMRA AHMED Kiasi hain ap
    ALLAH Ka shukar hai ramdan bohat acha guzar raha hai ap k sb novels bohat achy hain like namal janat k patty etc……. or ab haalim novel b bohat acha ja raha ha plz batain k haalim novel key mazeed kitni episodes hon ge. ALLAH ap ko hamaisha khoush rakain

  21. Laila ramzan

    Asslam o alikum alhamdurillah mera ramzan boht acha guzr raha h. Main ye jana cahti hun k kya ap madam farht hashmi ke student hain.Or ap ki age or education kya h?l hope you will reply me

  22. Laila Tabassum

    Assalam.o.alaikum ???ap docter farhat ki student hain???

  23. Zarghuna Iqbal

    Assalam o alaikum ma’am.
    Since you called us readers, “apnay” we will wait for the episode more if that has to be given for this word. Ma’am, late or no late, we all know that at the end it will be worth waiting for but that is sort of unfair to end each and every episode with a twist that makes us to crave more for your book. Ma’am God bless you for how many colours you add to our lives due to the use of your pen! And Ramadan? It is good and it just got a hell more better. Thanks to you. Hatts off to you.

  24. Ayat khan

    Aoa nimra ahmed my ramzan was going good i m your huge fan and i
    L❤ve ure novels haalim was great and gives us lot of information about different fields and social behavior.
    God bless you more than u have

  25. Maryam

    Assalam o alikum Nimra !!!
    I love your writing style … Allah ap ko hamesha kush rakhy … Or ap hmary lye ayse hi bht achy achy novels likhti rahayn … Ap k novels parhny sy meri life mn kafi positive changes ayi hn … And thank you soooooo Much nimra … I just wanna meet you … Kash yh possible hota



    1. caretofun

      hopefully today or tomorrow.. however no date is promised from writer.

    2. caretofun

      Insha Allah before eid

  27. Sidra

    Assalam o Alekum, I love reading episodic novels but every episode of haalim mesmerized me.
    Ramzan is going though hard but seriously haalim ki hr episode bhook piyas ura k 1,1 lafz prhny tak hosh nhi rhny deti. Uploading date accurate btaya karen , daily checking in fasting made me angry.. Kindly upload before eid so we enjoy our eid reading the best of haalim.

  28. Zuhi

    Wa Alaikum aslam ramzan is going veryy awsm..ab to bs 1hi roza reh gya..or episode ka wait kr re hum

  29. Asi

    Wa alaikum assalam .
    Ramadan going well …
    Waiting anxiously for 14th epi….
    Ur words…. are awesome❤
    Much luv! Nd Eid Mubarak in advance

  30. Sara

    Aj to 14th b hogi kab aye gi episode…??

    1. caretofun

      Kal yani chand raat ko aae gi INSHA ALLAH

  31. Zuhi

    Kb aye h episode

    1. caretofun

      kal aae gi

  32. Ayesha

    Yahan to 15 b ho gai,,r chand rat b taqreeban guzar gai,hmari subha Eid hy ,,plzzz itna wait na krwaya kreny

  33. Hibamurad

    Kb ani halim ki epi??

    1. caretofun

      Aagai hai

  34. shehlla azmat

    episode 14 kb tk ay gi? aj chand rat hi kya aj a jay gi?

  35. Zuhi

    What a great twistt nimra Api ap ne to surprise hi kr diaa bt awsm episode

  36. Falak

    aslam o alaikum nimrah api u r great ap bht achi writer hain ap story mein twist UDR sy dalti hain jidr hum readers ka khiyl b ni hota har episode mein new twist shandar amazing really like halim novel next episode ka pehly sy b ziyda shidat sy wait hai

  37. Falak

    main ap sy ni puchon GI k next episode kab ae GI kyo k intzar ka b ap bhtt bhtt bhtt acha sila dyti hain novel mein twist k tor py bad ye Kahn GI k plzzz next episode is sy b ziyda zabardsat ly k ae taa k him readers halim k sahar sy na nikl saky what u say everyone

  38. Zuhi

    Care to fun ky mje teri panaho me aa kr by qamrosh bloch ki episode 3 mill sakti h

    1. caretofun

      Read here: Episode 1 & 2, Episode 3 abhi tak nahi aai.

  39. Shahana

    Eagerly waiting for episode 15 … its 17th july … plz update thanks.

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