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Cricket 2018

Cricket 2018 Now play Cricket Online with fellow players, multiplayer cricket game with cute emoticons and fellow chatters.

Type !Cricket to start game and !bat to play as batsman


Now we have bring to you Cricket 2018 which is text based cricket game you can play with fellow chatters.
In This, you have 02 teams which Cricket Masters can make, players will join the teams and once all players joined the teams, one of the captain will start game.

The GAme is very simple. Captain will set one of team member as Batsman by !set batsman NICKNAME
The other team will set one of bowler by !set bowler NICKNAME

Now the Batsman has to type !r which means he is ready to bat and once he is ready the CriCket game Bot will show a message: the Batsman is ready Bowler type !b
now the Bowler has to type !b that means he has throw the bowled and there will be random results on this ball which are as below.

– Out
– 1 Run
– 2 Runs
– 3 Runs
– Four Runs (Boundry)
– Wide Ball
– No Ball
– Six

after each ball Batsman has to write !r to ready for next ball and bowler !b after batsman to ready.

And with this the score of player and its team will be started to count. the game is very interesting and easy to play.. join up now and have fun.

Also Play Single Cricket game which can be played without any other batsman or bowler just by single command.
!cricket to start the game and !bat to play as batsman.. after each ball batsman has to write !bat

Check Stats with below commands:
!highest for top 10 highest runs in a inning and !highest 20 / 30 / 40 for next 20-30-40 highest scorers.
!top for highest run of players in all time.
Cricket GAme

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