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Having a strong online presence is essential for businesses to thrive. eCommerce Website not only increases sales but online presence also that gives a business a boost.

With advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, website builders are becoming more powerful and efficient, making it possible for anyone to create an eCommerce business.

“Get ready to discover the top AI eCommerce website builders and elevate your online store like never before. In this article, we’ll deep dive into their impressive features, highlighting their unique benefits and how they can completely transform your setup and management process. Regardless of the size of your business – big or small, you don’t want to miss out on this journey towards a thriving and spectacular AI eCommerce store.”


1. Hostinger Artificial Intelligence Website Builder


Hostinger Website Builder Stats:

  • Ideal for: Anyone who needs a professional shop quickly and without complications.
  • AI Tools: AI website builder, logo creator, AI copywriter, and heat map analysis.
  • Price: from $2.99/month.

With its cutting-edge AI technology, Hostinger Website Builder allows you to create a professional eCommerce store that fits your brand.

In addition to AI and SEO tools, you’ll also get a hosting plan, a free domain name, and email accounts, all conveniently managed from a single control panel.

Hostinger’s AI builder comes with integrated payment gateways, shipping and tax settings, and all the tools to start and scale your eCommerce.

Plus, all custom websites are mobile-friendly, meaning you’ll have a fully responsive site from the start.

The AI ​​builder generates web design templates in minutes with tailored content, product placeholders, and other eCommerce features.

With the intuitive drag-and-drop editor, customizing your store is a breeze.

Unlike other AI website builders, it includes top-notch security measures in the plan, starting at $2.99/month.

We recommend you choose our AI website builder if you are looking for a smooth, cost-effective, and feature-packed eCommerce solution.


  • Innovative AI Technology: The AI ​​website builder generates a custom store layout with a shopping cart and product pages, while the other AI-powered tools help you create website content and heat maps to analyze customer behavior.
  • Maximum security in eCommerce: Your store and customer data are safe thanks to unlimited SSL certificates, name servers protected by Cloudflare, and automatic backups.
  • Affordable: For $2.99/month, you get access to marketing and SEO tools, e-commerce features, and a free domain name.


  • Limitations for contributors: Although you can add collaborators to the website, multiple users cannot edit it simultaneously.
  • No app store: If you want to add third-party integrations to your store, you need to embed custom code.

Hostinger Website Builder AI Tools:

  • eCommerce Website Builder: Create a custom store design describing your brand and desired website type.
  • AI Writer: Generate compelling product descriptions or write seasonal promotions with just a few clicks.
  • AI Logo Maker: Enter your business name, tagline, and industry to create a unique logo for your eCommerce store.
  • AI Heat Map: Understand how effective your store design is in capturing visitors’ attention.

2. Bookmark AiDA

Bookmark AiDA Statistics:

  • Ideal for: creating a multilingual e-commerce website
  • AI tools: website optimizer, content translator, and design assistant
  • Price: from $11.99 per month

As the best AI website builder, Bookmark AiDA makes it easy to create websites and manage online stores.

This AI-powered platform is especially useful for businesses operating in many global markets and looking for AI website builders and built-in translation tools.

This platform supports various e-commerce features such as tax calculation, shipping automation, discounts, and inventory management.

You can also increase visibility with built-in SEO and analytics tools, helping drive more traffic to your eCommerce store.

It’s also easy to create custom permissions for different contributors and easily categorize different pages for smooth navigation.

Although the Business plan offers advanced e-commerce features, the store editor requires some getting used to, so users should be prepared for a learning curve.


  • Integration with social stores: Connect your online store with popular third-party platforms such as Facebook and Instagram marketplaces, Google Shopping, and eBay.
  • Multi-user collaboration: Add new users and set custom permissions for efficient website management and collaboration.
  • High performance: Thanks to unlimited storage and bandwidth, you can expect high site performance.


  • Expensive: Advanced eCommerce store functionality is exclusive to the Business plan, which costs $24.99 per month.
  • Steep learning curve: The customization options in Bookmark AiDA may require some coding knowledge.
  • Limited Email Accounts: Each Bookmark AiDA account allows the creation of up to three email addresses.

Bookmark AiDA AI Tools:

  • Website Optimizer: Receive optimization suggestions based on visitor interaction, improving user experience.
  • Translation Tool: Automatically translate all the content on your website into different languages.
  • Design Wizard: Generate a professional-looking website design by simply providing a basic description.

3. Durable


Durable Stats:

  • Ideal for: entrepreneurs
  • AI Tools: Google Ad Writer, Business Name Generator, and Image Picker
  • Price: starting at $12 per month

This is a good option if you want to create a simple eCommerce site in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is answer two questions, and the artificial intelligence will generate a professional website for you.

In addition to creating the design elements, this AI website builder automatically includes elements like contact forms and social media buttons.

You can regenerate each section or customize each web page manually to best suit your needs.

It also offers AI content generation tools to help speed up the website creation process.

Analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), and billing features make this website builder a good choice for professional websites.


  • Instant setup: You get an AI-generated website quickly with this website builder.
  • Introducing new users: Durable guides new users to make sure they learn how different features work.
  • Free access to AI tool: All users, including non-subscribers, can use the AI ​​ad writing tools and brand name generator.


  • For business only: This AI-powered website builder cannot generate other types of websites apart from business and e-commerce sites.
  • Result quality: The output quality of Durable site builders and AI tools is sometimes less advanced than other tools.
  • Customer service. Users can only contact the customer support team via email and live chat during business hours.

Durable AI Tools:

  • Google Ads Writer: Describe your business and tone to create copy for Google Ads.
  • Business Name Generator: Enter a brief description of your business to generate multiple business name ideas.
  • Image and Icon Picker: Automatically fill your website with high-quality images and icons.

4. 10Web


10 Web Statistics:

  • Ideal for: Users who want to sell online with WordPress
  • AI Tools: Content and Layout Builder, Page Importer, and WordPress Converter
  • Price: starting at $10 per month

10Web is an Elementor-based website builder.

It offers a block editor similar to the WordPress content management system, with additional security features, back-end optimization, and artificial intelligence tools.

This AI-based website builder is highly customizable and allows you to install WordPress plugins to enhance its functionality.

This means that you can install the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store.

In addition to generating a new website, 10Web allows you to import existing pages from another custom site.

It also offers an AI assistant to help generate search-engine-optimized content, such as blog posts.

However, it may not be the best AI website builder if you want to avoid WordPress.


  • High performance: Users can perform back-end optimizations such as code minification, caching, and image compression to speed up their AI website.
  • Excellent security features: 10Web supports Cloudflare CDN, offers a free SSL certificate, and regularly scans your WordPress website for malware.
  • No hidden charges. This tool does not charge additional fees for the available services and features.


  • Limited Payment Methods: Unlike many other AI website builders, users can only purchase 10Web using credit cards and PayPal.
  • Scalability. All 10Web plans have limited server storage and monthly traffic.
  • No built-in eCommerce functionality. To create online stores, users must install e-commerce plugins.

10Web AI Tools:

  • Content and design generator: 10Web automatically generates website content and images based on your needs.
  • Page Importer. Import the layout and content of an existing page by entering its URL.
  • WordPress Converter: Recreate websites generated by artificial intelligence in WordPress, including their design, content, and layout.



Get Response Statistics:

  • Best for Businesses looking for full marketing features
  • AI Tools: Design Assistant, Product Recommender, and Email Subject Generator
  • Price: freemium (starting at $15.58 per month )

While Get Response is best known for its email marketing tool, the platform also features an AI website builder with eCommerce features and full support.

This AI website builder speeds up the site creation process by generating a custom website based on a questionnaire.

You can also choose from several existing templates.

Get Response provides a set of features specifically tailored to eCommerce needs, and premium plans come with tools like abandoned cart recovery and order automation.

Unlike many other AI builders, Get Response offers users several marketing tools to increase their website conversion rates.

For example, the platform supports different email marketing features, personalized marketing funnels, and customer segmentation, which improves the accuracy of campaigns.


  • Marketing Automation: Automate marketing campaigns based on customer data and behavior to improve conversion.
  • Unlimited website pages. Get Response’s premium plans allow users to create complex sites with unlimited pages.
  • Learning Materials: Users can learn about this website-building platform through its blog, guides, and webinars.


  • Premium eCommerce features: Some eCommerce features, such as abandoned cart recovery and order confirmation automation, are only available on the most expensive plan.
  • Custom domain name not included: Users must purchase a custom domain separately, increasing overall costs.
  • Unclear prices. Get Response pricing is budget-based and varies based on contact limits, so it may not be ideal for small businesses on tight budgets.

Get Response AI Tools:

  • Design Assistant: Create professional websites based on your business needs and goals using the Design Assistant with AI tools.
  • Product recommender. It uses AI to offer personalized product suggestions based on the visitor’s preferences, needs, and habits.
  • Subject line generator. Create an attention-grabbing email subject line by entering keywords and your business description.

6. Appy Pie Website


Appy Pie Stats:

  • Best for Users looking to create professional websites easily
  • AI Tools: AI Website Builder, AI App Builder, AI Domain Name Generator, AI Chatbot Builder and AI Company Name Generator.
  • Price: Starting at $18 per month

This Website Builder is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to create professional websites in minutes by turning their texts into amazing websites.

The website builder offers a wide variety of templates and themes, allowing users to customize their websites with ease.


One of the most significant advantages of Appy Pie AI website maker is the free mobile app that comes with every website created on the platform.

The mobile app is customizable and can be published on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Additionally, the platform offers free domain registration, free business email, and free Google Workspace for every user.

Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to create an online presence, the Appy Pie website builder offers an easy-to-use platform that greatly simplifies the website development process with the power of AI.


  • AI Technology: Powered with artificial intelligence tools, the AI ​​website builder helps you get online by automatically converting your text into a highly functional website.
  • Affordable: This tool is quite affordable, starting at $18 per month, and includes a free mobile app, domain, Google Workspace, and business email.
  • Customer Support: Offers exceptional customer support via email and live chat, ensuring users can get the help they need quickly and efficiently.
  • Special discounts: You can qualify for special discounts and offers if you belong to organizations such as schools, non-profits, EDUs, government agencies, etc.


  • Template Reliance: Although you have numerous template options to choose from, in rare cases, your requirements may not be met and you may want to consider another plan.
  • High learning curve: Some features may require beginners to have some experience or more learning to get familiar with the platform

Appy Pie AI Tools:

  • AI App Builder: Turn your text into a mobile app in just a few minutes with this AI tool and reach a wider audience.
  • AI Chatbot Builder: Create a highly functional chatbot for your website and automate your customer service process effortlessly.
  • AI Domain Name Generator: Provides the best domain name suggestions using relevant and matching keywords.
  • AI Business Name Generator: AI technology helps to find the most relevant business name just by using relevant keywords and industry.


AI website builders have revolutionized the way you create and manage eCommerce stores.

From custom design and content generation technology to eCommerce-specific tools like inventory management, payment integration, and marketing automation, the best AI eCommerce website builders offer a comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes.

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