Facts about Titanic that will surprise you

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There are a few facts about titanic that will surprise you

TITANIC has been the most watched and famous movie of its time, alot of people around the world have been watching the most acclaim Hollywood film of all time, Titanic. This academy award winner for best motion picture in 1998 is adapted from the real life tragic event that occurred on about the midnight of 14 April 1912 after the world’s largest passenger man-made ship on Earth at that time, the so-called RMS Titanic, was suffered a glancing blow with the iceberg in the north Atlantic Ocean and sank to the bottom of the ocean, resulted as one of the deadliest in maiden voyage disasters in history. More often, knowledge of the Titanic that have brought to be remembered about were so focused on most gallant and sympathetic sides of such the largest passenger vessel, however, this article will explore and highlight 10 little known surprising facts about Titanic for you.


Most Expensive Budget for Passengers

There were an estimation of the cost for a one-way passage to Titanic was $4,350 USD at that time, equivalent to $106,310 USD today. Such accommodation was regarded as the most expensive seagoing real estate ever for the First Class ticket. Although this was unrivalled extent and brilliance, the accommodation was ensured for providing extra-ordination comfort to her passengers with contemporary standards, including the supply of abundant quantities of high class foods and beverages; and the delivery of luxurious services to her passengers with best conditions ever that they may had not find anywhere else.

The Dogs


Apart from other facts a lifeboat had to carry up to 40 passengers and although there were not enough lifeboats on the Titanic to save every souls of her passengers at that time, there was a report indicated that amongst the 713 survivors from the ship, three dogs were also recorded as passengers that had been made safe to the lifeboats, 2 were Pomeranian and another one was a Pekinese, to be precise.

The Couples on the Honeymoon

Similarly you have watched the Titanic movie, you would remember the most emotional scenes of Jack and Rose in the last minutes of the sinking ship. In real life, There were actually the record of 13 couples were celebrating their honeymoon on that giant ship at that time. Unfortunately, they were probably among the 1, 500 people who didn’t make from such the catastrophe.

The Wrong Captain for the Job

The most surprising is that the captain of Titanic at that time, Mr Edward John Smith had the 37-year veteran experience to sail power ship. However, he was probably not eligible enough to helm for Titanic due to the fact that the ship was run by steam. At the starting point of sailing, Mr. Smith planned to set this sail was the final journey of him across the Atlantic. Well, this could not be truer as that was his last job as the captain. The irony was that with 28 years of his majority life experience in sailing manning sail ships here and there, but lack of experience with steaming ship, this old man kept commanding his fellow crews to stay at full speed, 22 knots, even when this ship were entering the notable areas of the existing icebergs. You can understand the final results and the aftermaths from this.


alot of films, television shows, music and documentaries have been made about the disaster of RMS Titanic, including the film Save from the Titanic (1912), Titanic (1943), Titanic (1953), A Night to Remember (1958), The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964), Raise the Titanic (1980), Secrets of the Titanic (1986), Titanic (1997), The Legend of the Titanic (1999), Titanic: The Legend Goes On (2000), Ghosts of the Abyss (2003), Titanic II (2010), Titanic (2012), Titanic: Blood and Steel (2012), My Heart Will Go On (song), and so on and so forth. Among such effort, Mr. James Cameron’s 1997 film about the Titanic was the most successful profit driving business of all time in the Hollywood film industry. It was the first movie that earns the highest net grossing to reach the billion dollar record. Also, it won 11 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director awards.

Real Hero

The 30 survivors on a lifeboat were in debt to the 2nd Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller at that time. He was the senior officer who took charge of suppressing the panic situation to ensure for safety to passages on the boat. Before serving in Titanic, he was in the British Navy in World War I and World War II. Among the survivor, he rescued a 6 years old boy and help other soldiers to overturn lifeboats from the ship in order to carry as many women and children as possible onboard. Unfortunately, this young man was tragically hit and killed by a car accident in the state of Maine, United States, just 3 years later after he survived from the Titanic.

4. Odds

There were many odds encountered that can be related to the Titanic. For instance, many modern day ships are actually often hit an iceberg more than one time for their journey, but it seems that only Titanic that was believed to be the “unsinkable” ship was hit an iceberg for the very first time, yet it didn’t make it through. Titanic making was the only one ocean liner in history has been brought down to her knees by an iceberg. Moreover, the detector, the former leader and the founder of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung, was born on 15 April 1912, the exact same date which the Titanic sank. In addition, the budget spent on building the real Titanic at that time was less than the total cost of the whole production for James’s 1997 film the Titanic.

Almost Unbelievable Facts about Survivors

The temperature in the Atlantic Ocean at the time of tragic event of Titanic occurred was estimated about 2 degrees Celsius below zero. This would have made people not to survive more than 15 minutes in such condition and in some cases, people would have died within 2 minutes from the cold shock. Notwithstanding, one survivor from that accident was the chief baker who was freezing for 2 hours before being rescued. The odd that made him survived in that cold water was because he allegedly drank so much liquor to keep his body warm enough against the freezing temperature. Another survivor who was believed to be the last remaining soul of all from the Titanic was died on 31 May 2009 during of which she was just two months old by the time of the accident.

Titanic’s Body

After 73 years latter to discover the wreckages of the Titanic in 1985. Her body was split into two parts and was allured at a depth of 12,415 feet (3,784 m) below the seabed, 370 miles away from the coast of Newfoundland. The specialists in Deep Ocean Expeditions used a Mir submersible chartered from the Russian Academy of Sciences to dive in searching for the wreck which cost about $59,000 USD. Since then, thousands of artifacts have been obtained and put at museums around the globe.

The Titanic General Characteristics

Titanic has been kept alive through various means like folk songs, books, films, exhibits and memorials. Such the most famous ship in humankind history was created with amazing characteristics as follows. Titanic was built with the capacity to put more than 3,000 people. It was engineer on a hitherto unprecedented scale in order to sail with full speed and comfort. Her whole body was the largest structural design for ship that ever made with 53.3 m high, 269.1 m long. The ship can travel with the maximum speed of 44 km/h which required the burning of about 610 tons of coal on a daily basis.

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