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Haalim Episode 15 ChunaaoThe Elections” to read in July Mahnama Khawateen Digest. Now this month Episode is coming up with best twists as Nimra Ahmed Promised. Haalim by Nimrah Ahmed episode 15 going to be publish in Khawateen digest July 2018. The Name of the 15th episode is Chunaao “The Elections”. Hence Haalim Episode 15 is more excited then previous ones.



Haalim is a Novel of current generation and largely liked and loved by all generation’s Urdu Readers due to its unique story. Not only ladies but most of all every one and all ages. Also Read Haalim Episode 15 by Nimra Ahmed Download PDF form here as well as readable version for July.

Haalim Chapter 15 is going to be officially published over internet which are latest episodes than Mahnama Khawateen Digest. Furthermore now you can Download and read Haalim Episode 15 in PDF in July 2018 Online reading here by Khawateen Digest

حالم قسط 15

حالم کی قسط 15 میں کیا ہے جانیے اس بارے میں نمرہ احمد کی زبانی۔ ووٹ کی اہمیت اور صحیح چنائو۔
مجحے الزام لگایا گیا تھا کے میں پی ٹی آئی کی سپورٹر ہوں لیکن میں چاہتی ہوں کےمیرے جواب دینے سے پہلے آپ حالم کی قسط 15 پڑہیں.
نمرہ احمد

haalim episode 15



I was accused of being a PTI supporter from the start. But I want you guys to read 15th episode BEFORE I answer that accusation. 

But do you guys seriously think I will use my PEN, my greatest strength to support a political party for elections? And after this episode, you have got to understand that a writer has to write what you NEED to know, not what you WANT to read. I will definitely upload that episode before elections, not to influence your vote, but to help you with the consequences of your vote. 

PS. Those who think that I wrote Haalim as a PTI supporter are going to be SO disappointed after the 15th episode. I wrote this novel as a responsible writer! And I will prove that to you, don’t worry:)


Post your review in comments column at bottom of page.

Read Haalim Episode 15 by Nimra Ahmed

Furthermore Haalim Episode 15 brings you new twist as the title says THE ELECTION and the current situation in Pakistan and coming Elections. Furthermore it has to be released on perfect time since Election is coming up and we expect a large number of twists and learning from coming episode.


Episodes from April 2018 are above hundred+Pages and that i’m taking part in it so much (Nemrah Ahmed).  Readers are of course pressurizing largely to release the episode as early as possible. However i can now not. without finishing full a hundred+ Pages Episodes, Nemrah Said.


I don’t want such a friendship that has to be listen to at all times. Friendship has to be heard. I have to listen to friendship.  Just because your friend is taking care of you, do you endure every bad thing? If a friend is not getting toxic for you, then he should bear it.

What does friendship mean? I do not miss the philosophers. I am worried about how friendship goes on?
“What friendship do you need to save? In this question, the wonders of the winner gathered together.

What is the kind of smooth earth in life Adam? Relationship ‘career’ hobby … everything goes up either ‘or below. If the friendship does not work hard then its graph goes down. How else is the hard work done?

Look! Nobody can force you to force it. It is unhealthy about blood. It is completely hearted and they do not come from the heart of their friends, in which they are two things which Allah has described in the Quran. Many patience and good luck.

With the help of these two things a friend can take away the evil in the heart of another. It is a patience to create a man, and Bukhari gives him Allah. ”

Bucket? Does a friend meet Nasib? “Absolutely! But nowadays children can not tolerate criticism of their friends. Such delicate people do not enjoy ‘Adam. For the sake of doing it is to prevent himself from reacting badly to the bad things of his friends.

He forgives the sins of his friend with’ Grace ‘. Is . And it fortunately gives him more good friends. “Would you like to be a friend of God, or to give you some special friend? However I’ve seen that happen. If people understand the nature of them, they will not see much.


Most Awaited episode of Nimrah Ahmed’s current novel Haalim’s Episode 15 is now going to be release this July. Nimrah Ahmed has already declared that These episodes will be long and most entertaining.

Because now Haalim is about to end in 3-4 months. And also has the most lovely part of complete novel that is however Nimrah Ahmed’s favorite too. Read the episode soon here in high quality Haalim by Nimra Ahmed Episode 15.

“There is a need to do things for dreams – people need to die – people ask for a simple solution to problems, and when they do not get they get disappoint – Allaah Almighty does not like Victim Hood –

Furthermore some of us are the ones who It is a long time to recover, but rather like negative people, to become oppressed, rather than listening to stories of their own, man should think better about him- it should be so positive that he can take positive points Look – where it goes, scatter these positive, pleasant lights- ” HAALIM


Halim episode 15 will uploaded INSHA ALLAH IN MID OF JULY.

حالم سے آپ نے جو سیکھا وہ آپ ہم سے شیر کر سکتے ہیں


DOWNLOAD Haalim Previous Episode in PDF

Furthermore Haalim Episode 15 download options for those who cannot afford to read online or in one go. such episodes are easily downloadable in PDF format. However you should be aware that the episode you read in monthly digest is far behind than the one we publish online. furthermore Haalim each episode will also available in markets for Urdu Novels lovers in Khawateen Digest July 2018

Furthermore Anyone who has not yet started reading this novel we recommend to read it from first Episode. We assure that this will change your mind with positivity.

Haalim chapter 15 online reading July

Rather As a result : Haalim Saying: Kamzor Laug Shayed Apny Lye Khary Naa Bhi Hon. To Bhi Un Kay Liye Zarur Hotay Hain. Jin Se Woh Muhabbat Kerty hain!! furthermore from khawateen digest read halim novel epi 15

Haalim episode 15 pdf download

Stay in touch to CaretoFUN to read halim episode 15 pdf and haalim epi 15 online reading

Wakt Bhot Bada Marhum Hai, Waqqt Buhot Kuch Khud He Theek Ker deta hai!!! from haalim latest download

Haalim episode 15 Online Reading



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