The Meaning of Domain Names

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If you are regular internet user you must aware of the domain names comes after . in each website, let us share with you today the meaning of Domain names most commonly used.

The domain name is a unique name given to facilitate the user in identifying the name of a computer server such as web server or email server on a computer or internet network. Domain name also serves to facilitate internet users to access a website. So that internet users no longer need to remember the IP of the website consisting of the numbers. By using a domain, then a website can be easily we look through the address bar. But did you know that domains like .com, .org, .net, or .gov turned out to have its own meaning.

Meaning and Understanding Of Domain Names


.com stands for Commercial. This domain is used for commercial or public purposes. Domain .com is the most popular domain of International level, and can be used for any kind of website. Domain registration .com also does not require certain requirements.


.net stands for Network which means Network. Initially, this domain is used for network-based networking websites such as ISP (Internet Service Protocol). However, the development of websites with technology themes are also many who use the .net domain eksitensi. Domain registration is also easy, just like .com does not require certain requirements.


.org stands for Organization which means Organization. This domain is used for websites of organizations, communities, or associations of people. Registration of this domain is also easy, it’s just rare personal website that uses this domain name. This domain is more popularly used for certain institutions or organizations


.biz stands for Bussiness which means Business or Business. This domain is used for business-related websites, such as online businesses. This domain can also be an alternative if the .com and .net domains are not available.


.info stands for Information which means Information. Used for information-based websites such as health, info, traffic, and more.

.CO.ID stands for Company Indonesia which means Indonesian Company. This domain is used for Company website, CV, product name, or brand based in Indonesia. Registration of this domain has several requirements such as Copy of Resident Identity Card, SIUP / TDP, NPWP, and Notarial Deed.

.GOV or .GO.ID

.gov stands for Government which means Government. In Indonesia, this domain name is better known .GO.ID stands for Indonesian Government (Government of Indonesia). This domain is used for government agencies. Required special requirements for registration of this domain such as Copy of Resident Identity Card, Application Letter signed by Secretary General / Sekmen / Sekut / for the central government.

.SCH.ID stands for Indonesian School (Sekolah Indonesia). This domain is used for schools like SMA / SMK / MA. Registration of this domain requires several requirements such as Copy of Resident Identity Card, and Application Letter from the Principal.

.AC ID is a special domain for higher education institutions / univertitas di Indonesia. Who can use this domain is an educational institution that at least provide a minimum education diploma-1. Other requirements for registration of this domain is a copy of the identity card of the person in charge, SK Depdiknas Establishment Institute and SK Appointment Rector / Chairman.

CCTld domain names

In addition to the above domains, there is still a CCTld name or an acronym for Country Top Level Domain. CCTld is a domain based in certain countries. As well as the .ID domain of Indonesia and the .US domain of the USA. In addition there are many other CCTld domains. Check out the list below.

.ac – Ascension

.ad – Andorra

.ae – United Arab Emirates

.af – Afghanistan

.ag – Antigua and Barbuda

.ai – Anguilla

.al – Albania

.am – Armenia

.an – Netherlands Antilles

.ao – Angola

.aq – Antarctica

.ar – Argentina

.as – American Samoa

.at – Austria

.au – Australia

.aw – Aruba

.ax – Åland

.az – Azerbaijan

.ba – Bosnia Herzegovina

.bb – Barbados

.bd – Bangladesh

.be – Belgium

.bf – Burkina Faso

.bg – Bulgaria

.bh – Bahrain

.bi – Burundi

.bj – Benin

.bm – Bermuda

.bn – Brunei Darussalam

.bo – Bolivia

.br – Brazil

.bs – Bahamas

.bt – Bhutan

.bv – Bouvet Island

.bw – Botswana

.by – Belarus

.bz – Belize

.ca – Canada

.cc – Cocos Island

.cd – Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly .zr – Zaire)

.cf – Central African Republic

.cg – Congo Republic

.ch – Switzerland

.ci – Côte d’Ivoire (Cote d’Ivoire)

.ck – Cook Islands

.cl – Chile

.cm – Cameroon

.cn – People’s Republic of China

.co – Colombia

.cr – Costa Rica

.cs – Serbia and Montenegro

.cu – Cuba

.cv – Cape Verde

.cx – Christmas Island

.cy – Cyprus

.cz – Czech Republic

.de – Germany

.dj – Djibouti

.dk – Denmark

.dm – Dominica

.do – Dominican Republic

.dz – Algeria (Algeria)

.ec – Ecuador

.ee – Estonia

.eg – Egypt

.eh – Western Sahara (not used; no DNS)

.er – Eritrea

.es – Spain

.et – Ethiopia

.eu – European Union (domain code “set” by ISO 3166-1)

.fi – Finland

.fj – Fiji

.fk – Falkland Islands

.fm – Federated Micronesians

.fo – Faroe Islands

.fr – France

.ga – Gabon

.gb – United Kingdom (Reserved domain by IANA; deprecated – see .uk)

.gd – Grenada

.ge – Georgia

.gf – French Guiana

.gg – Guernsey

.gh – Ghana

.gi – Gibraltar

.gl – Greenland

.gm – Gambia

.gn – Guinea

.gp – Guadeloupe

.gq – Equatorial Guinea

.gr – Greece

.gs – South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

.gt – Guatemala

.gu – Guam

.gw – Guinea Bissau

.gy – Guyana

.hk – Hong Kong

.hm – Heard Island and McDonald Islands

.hn – Honduras

.hr – Croatia

.ht – Haiti

.hu – Hungary

.id – Indonesia

.ie – Republic of Ireland

.il – Israel

.im – Isle of Man

.in – India

.io – British Indian Ocean Territory

.iq – Iraq

.ir – Iran

.is – Iceland

.it – ​​Italy

.je – Jersey

.jm – Jamaica

.jo – Jordan

.jp – Japan

.ke – Kenya

.kg – Kyrgyzstan

.kh – Cambodia

.ki – Kiribati

.km – Comoros

.kn – Saint Kitts and Nevis

.kp – North Korea (not used; no DNS)

.kr – South Korea

.kw – Kuwait

.ky – Cayman Islands

.kz – Kazakhstan

.la – Laos

.lb – Lebanon

.lc – Saint Lucia

.li – Liechtenstein

.lk – Sri Lanka

.lr – Liberia

.ls – Lesotho

.lt – Lithuania

.lu – Luxemburg

.lv – Latvia

.ly – Libya

.ma – Morocco

.mc – Monaco

.md – Moldova

.me – Montenegro

.mg – Madagascar

.mh – Marshall Islands

.mk – Republic of Macedonia

.ml – Mali

.mm – Myanmar

.mn – Mongolia

.mo – Macau

.mp – Northern Mariana Islands

.mq – Martinique

.mr – Mauritania

.ms – Montserrat

.mt – Malta

.mu – Mauritius

.mv – Maldives

.mw – Malawi

.mx – Mexico

.my – Malaysia

.mz – Mozambique

.na – Namibia

.nc – New Caledonia

.ne – Niger

.nf – Norfolk Island

.ng – Nigeria

.ni – Nicaragua

.nl – Netherlands (first registered ccTLD)

.no – Norway

.np – Nepal

.nr – Nauru

.nu ​​- Niue

.nz – New Zealand

.om – Oman

.pa – Panama

.pe – Peru

.pf – French Polynesia

.pg – Papua New Guinea

.ph – Philippines

.pk – Pakistan

.pl – Poland

.pm – Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

.pn – Pitcairn Islands

.pr – Puerto Rico

.ps – Palestinian National Authority

.pt – Portugal

.pw – Palau

.py – Paraguay

.qa – Qatar

.re – Réunion

.ro – Romania

.rs – Serbia

.ru – Russia

.rw – Rwanda

.sa – Saudi Arabia

.sb – Solomon Islands

.sc – Seychelles

.sd – Sudan

.se – Sweden

.sg – Singapore

.sh – Saint Helena

.si – Slovenia

.sj – Svalbard and Jan Mayen (unused, unlisted)

.sk – Slovakia

.sl – Sierra Leone

.sm – San Marino

.sn – Senegal

.so – Somalia

.sr – Suriname

.st – Sao Tome and Principe

.su – USSR (depreciated: replaced; domain code “used for replacement” by ISO 3166-1)

.sv – El Salvador

.sy – Syria

.sz – Swaziland

.tc – Turks and Caicos Islands

.td – Chad

.tf – French Southern Territory

.tg – Togo

.th – Thailand

.tj – Tajikistan

.tk – Tokelau

.tl – East Timor

.tm – Turkmenistan

.tn – Tunisia

.to – Tonga

.tp – East Timor (depreciated – use .tl; domain code “used for replacement” by ISO 3166-1)

.tr – Turkey

.tt – Trinidad and Tobago

.tv – Tuvalu

.tw – The Republic of China (Taiwan)

.tz – Tanzania

.ua – Ukraine

.ug – Uganda

.uk – English (domain code “set” by ISO 3166-1)

.us – United States of America

.uy – Uruguay

.uz – Uzbekistan

.va – The Vatican

.vc – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

.ve – Venezuela

.vg – British Virgin Islands

.vi – US Virgin Islands

.vn – Vietnam

.vu – Vanuatu

.wf – Wallis and Futuna

.ws – Samoa (formerly Western Samoa)

.ye – Yemen

.yt – Mayotte

.yu – Yugoslavia

.za – South Africa

.zm – Zambia

.zw – Zimbabwe

So the article about the meaning and meaning of each domain name. So make sure the domain that you use in accordance with your niche so that the popularity of your website increasingly raised. So much from me, may be useful.

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