Huge Feature Missing in PlayStation Classic

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Playstation Classic coming up with no new content. A Playstation Spokesperson said in his discussion. No plans to bring more PS1 games to its library.

A Sony representative from IGN confirmed that PlayStation-Classic will have no ability to add more games such as PS1 games. to its library under the line. Further it will not have any type of online connectivity. (This is a shocking one).

Surprised? ofcourse!  Not really. Disappointing? Absolutely.

The launching of 20 titles with the PlayStation-Classic is because if its highest popularity among-st original PlayStation fans!!

playstation classic
playstation classic

The Play Station Classic will have the RESET button on the face of console. It will allow players to save the game at anytime and suspend the current gameplay at any state they want. And it will have continuation ability from the same state whenever the player wants to.

Introducing Playstation Classic with 20 Pre-Loaded Games.

PlayStation Classic

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