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Finally today Apple officially announced that when is the big even to held and where Perhaps iPhone XS is the big news in it. Apple’s big event on September 12th is expected to include the introduction of three new iPhones. Also, from 9to5Mac you can exclusively see the first look at both new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones: the iPhone XS.

Some believe that the new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhones will both may call iPhone XS. We also believe iPhone New XS will come in a new gold color option not previously offered on the new design. A Recent leak from apple revealed the gold version of iPhone X confirming the color of upcoming model.

iPhone XS


Here’s how new ‘iPhone XS‘ and Apple Watch Series 4 may look Like.

According to 9to5Mac, iPhone upcoming models will keep a name iPhone-XS Yes. Again, the X is to pronounce as “Ten.” So, proper pronunciation would be “iPhone Ten S” — much like Apple has done with previous releases.

Furthermore leaked iPhone-XS photos shows that the two OLED iPhone X successors, includes the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch model, and in a gold version. From looks it appears, Apple painted the stainless steel frame on body.



2018 iPhone name: What will the new iPhone of 2018 be called?

There are enough potential names for the next iPhone that we could write a whole page just about that!

  • The Names, iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus (for the successors to the iPhone 8 models)
  • For iPhone 11 and 11 Plus (aka iPhone XI and XI Plus)
  • iPhone Xs and Xs Plus
  • iPhone X Plus
  • Or just plain iPhone and iPhone Plus
  • What will be Iphone XS Price in Pakistan
  • What will be Iphone XS release date.

The iPhone XS will reportedly come in a new, gold color scheme in addition to the standard black and grey designs.

apple watch series 4


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Iphone-XS Price will announce after release of Phone. Taking iPhone new model everybody is so excited and September 12th is Big day for iPhone lovers as possibly the New iPhone Model is releasing on 12th September 2018.

iPhone XS Price, News & Release Date

9to5Mac’s report states about the 2018 launch of iPhone new model i.e. iPhone X-S. However, as per a early  Bloomberg report puts a hint on difficulty to apple choosing new name for iPhone for new model in 2018.

Also, a few have “Altered the upcoming one’s name multiple times”. The favorite one seems to be “iPhone Xs”, But the fact is Apple is concerned about the pronunciation of XS that sounds like Excess.

Furthermore report of Bloomberg in August claims that one of their source hinted that Apple is still in struggle with the conundrum for new Model.

Although the current news and rumors confusing the Confusing the matter even further. As per Bloomberg Apple may not use “Plus” for their larget models. opting use the size instead. Also, comparing to iPad Pro, which has two sizes, the new iPhone Xs may identified by screen sizes

The rumors about possible names are:

  • iPhone XI
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone X2
  • iPhone X Plus
  • iPhone 2018

iPhone XS release date

  • Launch date Not yet Confirmed but September 12 seems to be the one – iPhone XS launch event date
  • Friday, September 14 – iPhone XS pre-order (estimated)
  • Friday, September 21 or 28 – (likely) iPhone XS release date

Wednesday, September 12 is the date and the big event when Apple’s is going to announce their new product i.e. iPhone XS (not confirmed). Note: the event will be available for online viewers in live stream.

The Release date perhaps the same date as iPhone X date last year. Likely to be Friday, September 21, or Friday, September 28. Apple usually launches their new iPhones on Fridays.

iPhone XS price

  • iPhone 2018 price estimate: $1,100
  • iPhone XS Plus price estimate $1,299
  • Cheapest iPhone 2018 may cost $799

Above prices are not confirmed.

Alot of about iPhone 2018 that the new models will not ship out in September. The cheaper LCD 6.1-inch iPhone may slip to October. The price of this LCD iPhone is said to be around the price of the iPhone 8, which launched at $799.

iPhone XS Specs


New iPhone-XS color: gold

  • iPhone XS and XS Plus in gold (new), black and white
  • 6.1-inch iPhone LCD in white, black, red, blue and orange


Besides the color of Plus and size and the fresh color choice, you won’t instantly notice other differences between the iPhone 2018 and the current iPhone X. As stated above the body may be in stainless steel frame while the cheaper ones have aluminum frame like current ones. It may come it as many as five colors: white, black, red, blue and orange.

iPhone 2018 design and sizes.

  • iPhone XS may be the same width and height as the iPhone X
  • iPhone XS Plus may match (or be smaller than) the iPhone 8 Plus
  • Both phones may be thicker due to camera upgrades


iPhone XS wallpaper

Apple could launch these three phones this year. Credit: KGI Research/MacRumors

We’ve also had other hints at the iPhone XI’s power from a benchmark, which shows an unnamed iPhone as having 4GB of RAM and a 2.49GHz hexa-core chipset.

iPhone XS camera

Rumors are the camera may be little big than previous ones. But Apple knows it better than anyone and those who are apple worker. Nobody knows more details about it but all the predictions says, sizes will have a dual-lens rear camera, while the cheaper iPhone (the one with an LCD screen) will be the one with a single-lens rear camera.

iPhone XS iOS 12
  • iPhone 2018 to launch with iOS 12 out of the box.
  • iOS 12 may launch on older iPhones on Tuesday, September 18
  • Expect features exclusive to the larger iPhone 2018

iPhone XS Wallpapers


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