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WordPress Blogging is the most powerful and attractive Blogging trend now a Days. If you are a blogger and post a daily blogs or articles on your website you are a good blogger. But, are you doing the right SEO for your website? The right answer for most of all is I don’t Know. WordPress SEO is not that difficult that it seems. most of the time you think you are doing best but you don’t get results. A lot of little things we ignore in SEO are the Keys. Today we are going to share with you how to Optimize your post and make best out of Google Ranking and what necessary steps you should take initially to get most of WordPress Blog and SEO.

There are Number of Tips and Tricks in Market for SEO and Strategies on How to get more Traffic but do we really get what we wish for? Do we all get higher results in google searches? Let us first Understand:

What is SEO and how it Works

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a track to google rankings if you are only lucky you will achieve higher google search ranks otherwise you have to put yourself on right track taking right steps to get on the google results. Not only this but higher results on google searches. The Most important part is, how to get on google first page for free? This Question is Largely asked to google and you get answers from google given by other people. Why not we learn what Google itself tell about SEO?

4 Most Important Steps for SEO and Ranking your Keywords on Google Must Keep in Mind before your start WordPress SEO:

  • What is the Value of Keyword you are Writing for.
  • Who else is already ranked in Google for your target keyword.
  • How Much Traffic your desired Keyword is generating to all.
  • How Much Competition for your desired keyword.


Yoast is a Best WordPress Plugin for SEO and easy to use, It doesn’t only give you best guide but keep you updated with best strategies for your keyword Research and make your post a green light once your have done all necessary steps. Here is a guide on Learn to Setup Yoast SEO WordPress Correctly

Since most of Bloggers use Yoast as a FREE SEO Plugin for WordPress SEO. We find necessary to share useful tips for WordPress Yoast Plugin usage.


First of All before writing your post determine the keyword you want to rank for and put your keyword on FOCUS KEYWORD as given in below screen.

focus WordPress SEO

While you have written your article completely, make sure your focus keyword is available in 3 of the Below places.

  1. Title of your Post
  2. Meta Description of your Post
  3. First Paragraph of your post if not in first paragraph must contain in content.

By following the above points you will eliminate half of the errors from your Yoast SEO Checklists.

In Addition to above put your Focus Keyword in sub heading such as H2 anywhere between your post.

At Last, the final checkpoints are Yoast SEO checkpoints which are truly important and make your post rankfull, make sure you clear all the errors and your post has all GREEN LIGHTS before publishing.


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