Man Shoots computer upon saying NO

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We must have all felt like it at times when the computer we are using runs slowly and you watch the tiny circle going round and round whilst you sit, getting more angry as you wait for the page to appear. However few, we imagine, would go to the lengths that Lucas Hinch did in Colorado Springs when he became so angry and frustrated because ctrl+alt+delete would not re-boot his computer, he took the computer outside and shot it, not once, but eight times.


Now Mr Hinch has found himself in trouble with the law when he was briefly detained for discharging a firearm within the city. A spokesman explained that Mr Hinch had absolutely no idea that when he re-enacted a scene from the old “wild west” that he was breaking the law and he must now wait before he comes before a Judge who will decide what penalty he is to receive.


According to reports from a police spokesman, Jeff Strossner, “he had been having trouble with the computer for several months and he just got tired of fighting with it;” he sure will not be having trouble with it now! As the Colorado Springs Gazette, the local newspaper, pointed out “he was able to wreak the kind of revenge most of us only dream about,” one thing for sure is that the computer is not expected to make a full recovery.

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