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LOVE REVOLUTION raising awareness campaign for Gaza-Palestine genocide is been imitated all over the world, in all the countries and done in all the languages. The image touches the soul so deeply that makes us wake up right away, ready to take action through ART. When we feel connected, we feel love, compassion and empathy for our brothers and sisters in Gaza, under Israel attacks.
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Love Revolution all over the World Artivism performance on Hollywood Blvd is been recreated all over the World. Go to the streets and become an Artivist, go to the streets and raise awareness about the genocide of 2000 innocents Gazans civilians, 529 of them are children. WE ARE GAZA, WE ARE ONE.
This is what my Love Revolution is all about. My mission is to awaken a force in those who view my ARTivism images…To raise awareness, ignite ideas and incite people to action. Thank you Malaysia for following my Artivism. Once I share my art and ideas they don’t belong to me anymore, they belong to humanity. Nothing To See.
Jil Love Revolution artivism solidarity campaign to raise awareness about the genocide of the 2000 Palestinians. Innocent men, women and children are about to being slaughtered, killed and forgotten by the World, while Israel continuously attacks the defenseless prison-city of GAZA for over 4 weeks.
The situation in Gaza is nothing short of a full-blown humanitarian disaster. Millions of people on the Gaza Strip go without clean water, electricity, and food daily.
Clean water is nearly impossible to find; and freezing it requires electricity, which is also hard to find there. But rubble is everywhere, and is symbolic of the struggle these innocent people are facing.
Gaza: 20% Electricity, No Water, No Hospitals, No Communication; 2000 unarmed Palestinians killed, among 500 children, 7677 injured By Israeli Army.
My desire is that all the people of Hollywood see, visualize, understands, and feel empathy and compassion for the human brothers and sister that have lost their homes, their families, their schools, their Mosques, their jobs, their human rights, their water, their electricity in GAZA, after been attacked non stop by Israel for 4 long weeks.
Thank you Malaysia, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, Germany, Philippines, London, Spain and many more for following my Artivism.

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