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Now Play Cricket Game in Chat Room with computer or with other players. scroll down to see the commands and how to play cricket.

There are two types of Cricket Game available here.



Single Player

type !cricket to join the Single player game.

type !bat to start playing

!sruns NICKNAME to check the total runs in single game for player. e.g. !sruns Fair_Friend.

Multiplayer Cricket

type !set team1 TEAM-NAME  to set the first team name.

!join team1 to Join the first team & !join team2 to join second team.

Once Both team has players. game can be started.

Note you must be cricket Master to make teams. or ask Fair_Friend, Ismail, M_Khan to start.

once both teams made, and players joined the team game can be started.

Setting up Batsman and Bowler.

!set batsman NICKNAME to set a batsman e.g. !set batsman Fair_Friend

!set bowler NICKNAME to set bowler for the over e.g. !set bowler Fair_Friend

Once both batsman and bowlers are set.

!r for batsman to ready for bat

!b for bowler to throw ball.

!top 10 for top ten scorers list and so !top 20/30/40

!truns for players total runs e.g. !truns Fair_Friend

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