Enhance Audio Quality on Your Android Phone

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Let us guide you today how you can Enhance Audio Quality on Your Android Phone with root amendment and with a simple module that enables you to Enhance Audio Quality on Your Android Phone easily. We have simplified the steps and procedure here.

Android phone these days has captured the market and taken place of all other operating systems as well as smartphone and tablets. Not only this but it has been the basic need of every person that makes the life quite easier in several means. the reason it has become much more popular than every other operating system is android’s easy to do customization. With the passage of time user always seek to improve the quality of their device and the functions hence Android has made it easy for their users. Sound Quality and Audio has always been major part in Phone selection session.

Android users who faces the sound quality issues or in call sound issues is much more irritated and looks forward to tweak it up. This is basic requirement without which a smart phone in fact any phone is fail. The Good thing in android is their users are given this opportunity to enhance Audio Quality on Your Android Phone. All this is possible due to the full control over hardware provided by the Android OS. We are sharing here the best possible ways to tweak up and enhance your Android device voice quality easily.

In this method we are going to share, kindly ensure you have Root access for the Android device unless it won’t work at all. In case your device is already rooted then make sure that TWRP recovery tool is installed on your device since it is going to be used in below mentioned procedure.

Enhance Audio Quality on Your Android Phone

The procedure is quite simple and need following easy steps to accomplished.

Few Easy ways to Enhance Audio Quality on Your Android Phone:

Step 1.  In this process you will first need to Download Ainur Nro Mod into your device which is quite helpful to increase the voice quality. Android phone is carried out through utilizing the Ainur NERO mod. This is one of the best and advanced audio enhancement tool made by the UltraM8s developers that will end up you with highest quality sound output..

Download Ainur NERO mod from the link here

Step 2.  Move the download file named as Ainur NERO.zip to any specific folder in your storage. Ensure to remember the path of the folder that you will need to browse at later stage.

Step 3.  Now we are going to use TWRP custom Recovery tool that you need to install through Google Play Store. Both Free and paid versions are available at Google Play Store, up to you to choose and download that fit your pocket, however the free version serve the purpose required for this method.

Step 4. After installation of TWRP tool Open it using it flash that downloaded mod file. Just locate the file and it will continue with flashing it up.

Enhance Audio Quality on Your Android Phone
Enhance Audio Quality on Your Android Phone

Step 5.  Now Flash process is simple, all you have to do is to log into the TWRP tool and click on the install button. It would then ask you to browse the file, locate the file location so just show it up. Then Confirm the installation after the selection of the file. Thats it!!!

Now you have your Android device with extra ordinary clear and enhanced sound that you would appreciate for sure!!!

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