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for those who want to run their own mirc server and free hosting, the best place to find free shell account providers. NEW
Server: Slackware 12
Services: 2bg procesess, IRC – psybnc, eggdrop NEW
Server: Debian 2.6.26+grsec+pax, version is etch, memory 512 MB, processor AMD Duron(tm) XP 1500+ , HDD Space 60 GB. Network traffic is 120kb/ps on the global world and 1mb/ps on Bulgaria.
Services: IRC-Hosting: irssi, bitchx, bitchx-ssl, eggdrop, psybnc. You have 1 user account, 1 BG process, 10 MB disk quota, Unlimited Network Traffic, Access to any irc networks. Web-Hosting: php5, perl, cgi, mysql. You have 1 user account, 1 MySQL database, 0 BG processes, 50 MB disk quota, Unlimited Network Traffic. Note all users who have shell accout have web space access like, and mail NEW
Server: OpenBSD
Services: provides users with shell basic account quota is 10MB, services IRC enabled (irssi,BX,psybnc) very user will get private ipv6 address and permission to use ipv4 on some nets. Other account types are able to use compilers and other good stuff. NEW
Server: FreeBSD 6.1
Services: SSH, Telnet and FTP connections 24/7 in a Unix System, connected to the Internet, 30 MB of Hard Disk space to store your files, programs or whatever you need. A Web Page with address and soon, with your own domain. All the Tools you can find in a Unix System. NEW
Server: FreeBSD 6.x with AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3100+ CPU, with 2GB of memory.
Services: 100 MB HDD Space, 1 GB Mail Space, Users Web Dirtectory, Irssi, BitchX, lynx, gcc, screen, and much more, going from developement tools to IRC chat, texted base web browsers and editors, storage transfer utilities. NEW
Server: OpenBSD. 8 mbit DSL.
Services: IRC permitted after a 48 hour validation period (no bots or bouncers though please). Inbound and outbound email with a free address provided. Access to compilers and interpreters and software installed on request. 6mb quota (split across /home, /tmp, mail and web space).
Weekly backups of all data including user directories. Fully automated web-based registration. Cooperatively run with foundation members (subscribers) able to vote on system policy. NEW
Server: Debian
Services: Web, IRC, BOTS, SQL, PHP, FTP, SSH. NEW
Server: Slackware linux
Services: bnc, eggdrop, website, whatever just as long as you specify it when you request the account and its oked you can run it. I do not limit the space but if someone is using way too much space ill ask them to lower the amount of space they are using or ill remove the account. Also third level domain hosting on * and * NEW
Server: Debian, 256 MB of RAM, 250 GB traffic, 20 GB HD and 30 ips, of which 10 availables.
Services: Eggdrop, Energymech, PsyBNC, sBNC, Irssi, BitchX, bash, irc, and more if needed and once discussed with admin. NEW
Server: FreeBSD 7.0
To create and account users must ssh to on port 22 and login with new:new NEW
Server: Debian Etch, 100Mbit connection
Services: Free BNC psybnc, Free eggdrop, 100MB quota, webmail, user websites, CGI, imap, sftp, phpmyadmin, 2 mysql databases, 2 postgre databases, able to compile programs, 2 background processes, over 6 shells to choose from(fish, bash, tcsh, csh, dash, sash, etc.) NEW
Server: Fedora Linux
Services: 1 eggdrop, and 1 client for the network, user can run maximum 2 background processes NEW
Server: Debian Linux, 8GB RAM, QuadCore CPU, 10Mbit
Services: personal web page (50Mb), personal unix email account, able to compile C programs, background processes, and more.. NEW
Server: Linux/Debian 4.0
Service: Web Mail Access, Home page or hosting your own domain name, FTP access, MySQL Database, 50mb space , eggdrop allowed, access to compilers , bitchx, ftp , msn ,ssh access, and a lot of more… NEW
Server: Gentoo
Services: SSH access on port 2022, max user processes 15, background processes allowed, reasonable diskspace use (~100MB) / no hard quota, user crontabs/screen (after some time), irc access with irssi/eggdrop …
Server: Fedora LinuxServices: 1 bg, IRC, Eggdrop, no BNC`s, mail, web, 15 mb quota
Server: LinuxServices: No applications running in the background, webssh, Quota: 500Mb
Server: FreeBSDService: www, ssh, sftp, bitchx ,eggdrop, psybnc, lynx, wget… no. of processes: maximum 2 only
Server: FreeBSDServices: Shell login via SSH or Telnet, ftp, gcc, c++, mail, web page under public_html, php, perl, python, mysql, screen, BitchX, 100MB quota and more. Request something you don’t see.
Server: Debian GNU/Linux 4.0Services: vim, emacs, lynx, pine, PHP 5, 1 MySQL 5, up to 10 background processes, email , webmail, quota: 500Mb
Server: Debian LinuxServices: SSH/SFTP, GNU tools, gcc, g++, make, Perl, Tcl, Python, Bash, php, perl, mysql, irc, bitchx… Quota: 500MbIf users dont say !keep on IRC channel at least once in a 24 hours period their account will be deleted
Server: OpenBSDServices: email, lynx, personal webspace, compile C programs… (quota: 1Mb)
Server: ???Services:email,pop3,ssh,irc,ftp,web space (quota: 1Mb)
Server: Linux Services: Only for people in Australia! Access via ssh, scp, ftp, pop3; basic and full shell access, domain hosting and/or seconding, mailing lists.
Server: FreeBSD Services/Info: mail, webspace, perl… (quota 12Mb)
Server: linuxServices/Info: public_html, php,cgi-bin on request, 3bg procesess, 50mb space , eggdrop allowed, access to compilers , bitchx, ftp , ssh access, and a lot of more…
Server: Linux on a 2048/512 dsl line with static ipv4 and ipv6Services/Info: Free shell service reserved to italian users only. Psybnc eggdrop, ipv6, bitchx, irssi, 2 max process per user, usermin wget…
Server: FreeBSDServices/Info: 5M disk quota as standard (more might be available if you can justify it), webspace (PHP enabled), an email address, crontab access (limited), access to all the standard UNIX command line tools and compilers, IRC access through BitchX…
Server: PA-RISC Debian LinuxServices/Info: Few restrictions, instant account additions, see webpage for more details.
Server: Mandrake LinuxServices/Info: webpage, irc, gcc, pico , php , cgi scripts… quota: 10Mb
Server: Services/Info: A large group of free shells providers have joined together on one IRC network and website. That network/site is known as ShellsNet, and is founded on the idea that different shell providers can help each other out in various ways, from sharing information about abusive users to admins helping each other with resolving technical issues…
Server: Linux (Fedora Core 2)Services/Info: ???
Server: OpenBSD 3.6 – Pentium 2 350hz, 128mb ramServices/Info: 10mb quota for files (mail on seperate computer), webmail, IRC, WWW, FTP, SSH, NO BNC (and other IRC CRAP)
Server: FreeBSDServices/Info: C compiler, perl, free eggdrop hosting, webhosting + php, BitchX, ircII, psybnc, telnet and ssh access, local ircd, and many more free of charge on FreeBSD systems.
Server: Mandrake 10Services/Info: 5mb disk space quota, Bitchx access, gcc,cc, pico, php, cgi scripts, apache, public ftp, LYNX access, PHP/CGI scripts enabled
Server: DebianServices/Info: Eggdrop, Psybnc, Irssi, BitchX, IRCD, Shoutcast, IPv4 and IPv6, Vhosts, SFTP, MySQL, PHP, Webhosting, Forum Hosting, Perl, Gcc, Tcl, Sh, Nano, Pico (Disk Quota: 500MB)
Server: Debian LinuxServices/Info: Email:, Website:, Disk space is limited. Background processes are limited and can only be programs we have preinstalled on the system.
Server: FreeBSDServices/Info: email/webmail,pop3,ssh,irc,ftp,web space,psybnc,eggdrop,muh,namserver (disk quota: 100mb)
Server: OpenBSDServices/Info: sshd, irc only ipv6, www with php, storing files and learn som basic commands, nameserver, 25mb disk quota, 1bg process allowed and running programs the staff has selected
Server: ???Services/Info: IRC clients, MySQL database, www, ftp, email, vhosts, quota: 5Mb
Server: ???Services/Info: based in scotland, UK. Comes with irc access and allowed background processes.
Server: Debian SargeServices/Info: Your own homepages under public_html, MySQL + PHP, IRC, JSP, quota 1Gb!
Server: ???Services/ provides free shell access via SSH with secure FTP, Web (PHP/PERL/MySQL) and storage space, free subdomain/domain hosting, IRC client access (BitchX/Irssi), IPv6 vhosts. No email access at this time. Access to development tools such as compilers. No unauthorized bots or bncs. New mature community oriented provider. Must go through account approval process.
Server: OpenBSDServices/Info:Services: PHP, GCC, perl, ruby, TCL, python, irssi, bitchx, epic, games, more. IRC: yes, eggdrop allowed, no bouncers, Quotas: 25MB /home, 25MB www (more if needed)
Server: 4 servers, debian linuxServices/Info:Services: pre-installed eggdrop, pre-installed psybnc, bunch of linux apps, NO WEBSITE/E-MAIL HOSTING, internal server for hacking and fun :), servers on 1Mbit/256KBit connection, account on one of the 3 user servers… Quota: 10Mb
Server: OpenBSD3.8, 64-bit Sparc architectureServices/Info:Services: 15MB diskquota, homepage , E-mail address , PHP support and many GNU tools and development compilers available. NO background processes (exceptions may apply)..
Server: Running on AMD Duron 1,3ghzServices/Info: Fully featured account with www/php/mysql(ask for it)/shell/mail.Accounts will be also quotted for about 40MB fo data.
Server: Debian SargeServices/Info: Free Shells; ssh, bitchx, eggdrop, psybnc, bnc, ircII, webhosting, mail, 4bg for account, Quota: 50mb. More info WWW
System: Linux 2.6.12shell account with unlimited software usage and unlimited bg processes, webspace ( with php and mysql database, ftp access to Your account, 1 GB disk quota
Services: ???
Server: Fedora Core 5Services: IRC chatting, compiling, and basic unix usage.
Services: free SSH and SFTP accounts (quota: 10Mb)
Services:Homepage URL: http(s):// Address: yourname@univac.gnu-linux.net50 MB Quota on your Personal Directory and Mailbox.SSH, SCP and SFTP AccessCGI, PHP, SSI, SSL, MySQL (One DB, only at request) and PHPMyAdmin.WebMail and Community Forum.Access to mutt, screen, python and a number of other unix commands.irssi, preconfigured to connect to DilexNET IRC Network.
Server: Linux Debian SargeServices: eggdrops, three user psyBNC’s (including yourself) and irssi/bitchx.
Services: 2gb quota, webspace (with subdomain), run bots, elinks, gcc, etc.
Services:SSH and SFTP access50 MB Quota ( more space can be requested )Webhost ( , PHP (v5) enabled ) Database ( MySQL , 5 MB Quota, optional )Mail ( , optional )IRC access via screen and irssi/BitchX ( No bots, no eggdrops: Bots. No bouncers. ) ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN access via CenterICQ. Jabber access. Development environment: compilers (c, c++, java etc), interpreters (python, perl, php), code editors (emacs, nano, vim), utilities (subversion, cvs)
It is a 64bit Ultrasparc Architecture running NetBSD250MB of disk spacepublicly accessible website ( email ( transfer via scp, sftp, ftpshell login via ssh or telnetIPv6 connectivityno bots, bncs, or bg’s while logged out
Vhosted shells for free just for psyBNC and nothing else. Choice of great amusing vhosts.If you fail to login once per day, your account will be suspended! (???)

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Server: Gentoo LinuxServices: 8MB disk space,MSN, AIM, YIM, and other clients (including ctorrent), Perl, GCC, CLISP, Ruby, and many development tools, Misc. apps and games such as netris,Limit of 16 simultaneous processes and 3 simultaneous logins per userYour own webspace at accessNo bots, no zombie scripts, no abuse, no rudeness…
Server: FreeBSDServices: ssh / sftp access100 MB disk quota , screen, lynx, BitchX, centericqmc, vifm and much moresend and receive emails using mutt or pineapache+php+mysqlhomepages under public_html
Server: gentoo linuxServices: 200MB space, tools for: icq, irc, c/c++, mail, etc…
Server: Debian linuxServices: gpg, screen, C, C++, and JAVA development tools and libraries
Server: ???Services: quota: 10-100 mb, php, mysql, irc (bitchx/irssi), ekg, wget, screen, ipv6, jabber server, subdomains: *
Server: Fedora Core 6Services: quota 100MB, web space(in quota), php, mysql databases, all kind of developer tools – gcc, cc, python, perl, php… processes 50, screen/detach, psybnc, eggdrop, centericq, micq, BitchX, irssi, software install upon request…Signup by postcard or by donation of money
Server: FreeBSDServices/Info: email/webmail, pop3, ssh, irc, ftp, web space, psybnc, eggdrop, nameserver ..
Server: ubuntu linuxServices: Trinity Shells provides free linux shell accounts on ubuntu server edition. The free shell includes 50 megs of space for webhosting, network programs (irc, telnet, ssh etc), access to compilers (c, c++, perl etc) as well as access to MySQL.
Services: Users are supplied with 500MB of storage space. Instant messanging services including MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber. IRC services like Eggdrop, BNC (bouncers), and proxies. And web hosting with MySQL, and PHP.
Server: FreeBSD Services: Vhosts available. PsyBNC and Eggdrop supported.Users must login to their web page once per day to maintain their account… (???)
Hardware: Pentium 3 with 256 MB of SDRAM and 30 GB of HDD space.Operating system: Slackware Linux.Quota: 5 MB.Internet connection: 1 Mbps.Services/programs: Own homepage with PHP4, cgi-bin, MySQL. Own mail (Pop3/SMTP). Bot, BitchX, epic etc.. NO psyBNC’s! Access to IPv6 Vhosts. Pine / Pico / Jed / joe. IRC access: Yes, to processes allowed: Yes, 1.Other info: We currently have two main free servers constantly updating with new hardware.
Hardware: Dual P-III 500 – 768mb RAMOperating system: Slackware 10.0Quota: reasonable useInternet connection: ADSL 1535/256Services/programs: irc client connections, eggdrop bot, screen, http/php, pop3, ftp, sshIRC access: yesBackground processes allowed: yes
Hardware: Intel Pentium 166MHz, 128MB RAMOperating system: FreeBSDQuota: 30MB, more on requestInternet connection: 460kbsServices/programs: unrestricted shell access, http, ssh, pop3s, smtp, webmail, phpIRC access: yesBackground processes allowed: yesOther info: incoming connections are blocked – only ssh, smtp, http, pop3 are allowed. so proxies like psybnc will not work
Hardware: Digital Celebris XL 590DPOperating system: FreeBSDQuota: 5 MBInternet connection: 1/0.5 MbitServices/programs: Access via SSH/SCP, email, MySQL, homepages, PHP/Perl, 5 MB disk quota, IPv6 support, 1 bg, IRC accessIRC access: IRCnet/EFnetBackground processes allowed: 1
Hardware: AMD-K6 II 500MhzOperating system: RedHat LinuxQuota: 3 MB.IRC access: No.Background processes allowed: Yes.
Hardware: Pentium 450 MHz w/ 384 MB RAM; Pentium 100 MHz w/ 64 MB RAM. Operating system: Linux.Quota: 4 MB.Internet connection: ADSL 512kbit down/256kbit up.Services/programs: Eggdrop, Tcl, BitchX, Irssi, Ipv6, Vhosts, WebSite+PHP, ssh, lynxIRC access: Yes, BitchX, irssi, eggdrop.Background processes allowed: Yes, 1.Other info: You should sign up for a basic account first. Then post three articles about what you are really interested in. Then you’ll get your full account. This is related to the spirit of cyberunners community. Just publish an article, a tutorial, any tips on something you like. You are interested in DivX? Post something on DivX. Are you interested in movies? Just post something on movies, like a review. In this way you provide something could be interesting for other Cyberunners.
Hardware: AlphaStation 600 5/333 (256 Meg of RAM), MicroVAX 3100/80, and a VAXStation 3100: all operating as an OpenVMS Cluster.Operating system: OpenVMS 7.2-1Quota: 20 MB.Internet connection: Dual DS1/T1s.Services/programs: Full access to the OpenVMS DCL prompt on either VAXen (32 bit) or Alpha (64 bit) hardware. Check out the homepage for more information.IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Yes – but no bots/relays.
Hardware: 2.6 Ghz, 512 RAM, 60 GB HDDOperating system: LinuxQuota: 30 MBInternet connection: T3Services/programs: BitchX, gcc, screen, links, wget, etcIRC access: YesBackground processes allowed: 2Other info: Exodus Provides free shells only to open source programmers or other interesting projects. For bots/bnc there is a paid service. Details here.
Hardware: AMD Athlon 2700XP+ CPU, 1GB RAM, 160GB Storage, 3MB Dedicated DSL Connection.Operating system: Slackware Linux 10.0Quota: 50MB – 500MBInternet connection: 768Kbps/3MBpsServices/programs: Webhosting, Shell Hosting, FTP Server, CGI Hosting, MUD HostingIRC access: YesBackground processes allowed: YesOther info: Number one on Google for Free MUD Hosting with NO Catches.
Hardware: – 300 MHz P2, 196 MB RAM. – 400 MHz P2, 768 MB RAM.Operating system: Debian / Red Hat Linux.Quota: 15 MB.Services/programs: Links, Lynx, Irssi Xchat-Text, BitchX, Nano/Pico, Joe, Vi, Wget, FTP, SSH. IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Yes, max 2 processes. Eggdrop / PsyBNC installed.
Hardware: shell:p2 350mhz, 128mb ram, 10gig scsi drive for /home – mail:p1 120mhz, 64mb ram, 8gig mailOperating system: OpenBSD 3.7/3.6Quota: 5mb user space (with good reason will be upgraded) no mail quota. (and mail does not affect user space)Internet connection: 3m/512 adsl … really about 100k speeds up/downServices/programs: BitchX, perl, WWW, SSH, MailIRC access: yes (not bots psybnc/bnc/eggdrop though)Background processes allowed: sure, but not too many 🙂 Other info: users will have and space accounts will be deleted if they dont comply to rules. jiyu is for free access for the people, not for individuals abuse.
Hardware: Sun SPARCserver 4/670MPOperating system: SunOS 4.xQuota: 1 MB.Internet connection: 144Kbit DSL.Services/programs: Various shells like bash, csh, tcsh. A BBS and a party chat room for everyone.IRC access: Yes, but for paying members only.Background processes allowed: No.Other info: No IRC, FTP, or telnet except for paying members. You can access usenet using lynx and going to
Hardware: A lot of Alpha, x86, and Itanium servers and workstations. Check the homepage for detailed information.Operating system: HP-UX, HP Tru64 Unix, HP OpenVMS, Red Hat? Linux, SuSE Linux, Mandrake Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Debian Linux.Quota: Differs.Internet connection: Unknown, but definitely a good one.Services/programs: Test Drive gives you the opportunity to try out combinations of hardware, operating systems, and software before you buy them. For developers, it also gives you the opportunity to ensure your software runs on hardware, software, and operating system combinations which you may not have available to you locally.IRC access: No.Background processes allowed: Probably.Other info: The Test Drive Program is a free service of HP. Its main purpose is to provide developers with access to new HP hardware running various HP and third party operating systems and applications. When you register, you get a free shell account you can use to log into the wide variety of systems on our Test Drive network and try out the software and operating systems running on them.
Hardware: IBM 9672 G6 Model ZX7 (10 way processor) with 32GB of memory and 2.1 TB of HD space.Operating system: Linux.Internet connection: Details unknown, but definitely a good one.Services/programs: See webpage for details.IRC access: Probably not.Background processes allowed: Probably.Other info: You will get access to Linux on S/390 environment for the purpose of developing, porting and/or test driving your products or applications on this platform.
Hardware: P2.4, 2 GB RAM.Operating system: Linux.Quota: Quota: 6Mb (shared between mail and web)Internet connection: 100Mb multi-homed.Services/programs: GCC/PHP/MySQLIRC access: No.Background processes allowed: NO: When disconnected, the user cannot leave running processes in the system (no daemon, no detached programs).
Hardware: Pentium II 400 MHz with 512 MB of RAM and 18 GB of hard disk space.Operating system: FreeBSD 4.x-STABLEIRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Probably yes, but no bots/bnc.Other info: Liquid Magnesium Networks (LMN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a means by which interested individuals can both develop new skills, and, have a development platform on which to deploy new programs and ideas. The main goal of LMN is to provide an environment where both experienced and inexperienced users can hone their Unix skills at no cost. LMN gives out shell accounts to people that show an extraordinary passion in learning more about Unix and related topics. LMN provides its users with the tools to develop whatever projects their minds can create.
Operating system: FreeBSD.Quota: 1 MBServices/programs: M-net offers over 125 different conference areas, real-time chat rooms, common UNIX utilities such as compilers, E-Mail, a homepage, and WWW access via lynx all for free. Users who want further access to Internet services such as telnet, ftp, and IRC are charged a modest fee, and also get the benefit of becoming an m-net patron or member.IRC access: Yes, but only for paying/donating users.Background processes allowed: No.Other info: Telnet to and login as newuser.
Operating system: SunOS 4.1.4Internet connection: 384 kbps.Services/programs: Compiler, crontab, http.IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: No.Other info: Try a TELNET-Session to [] — UNIX login: new
Hardware: Intel Pentium 4 2.27 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 190GB Dual HarddrivesOperating system: OpenBSD.Quota: 25 MB / 500 files at first, but after a few months of ‘good behavior’ the user is able to request higher system priveledges and more disk space.Internet connection: T3Services/programs: Metawire is dedicated to hosting free e-mail accounts, powerful webhosting options so you can get a customized, banner free website. We also give you full access to every standard unix feature, browsers such as lynx and links, IRC, compilers (gcc, g++), PERL, vi, pico, and anything you can think to compile.IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: None at first, but after a few months of ‘good behavior’ the user is able to request higher system priveledges and more disk space.
Hardware: HP9000 712 King Gecko PA-RISCOperating system: GNU/Linux Debian 3.1 (sid)Quota: 50 MB.Internet connection: 1 Mbit.Services/programs: Telnet and SSH (secure shell) access. Ability to compile your own programs/projects (gcc compiler). Perl, Python, shell scripting. IRC access to a local IRC server. Available shells : sh, csh, ksh, bash, zsh. Background processes, including detached sessions (“screen” command is available), FTP access (your own directory accessible via FTP), Your own crontab (running programs in specific periods of time), Up to date OS (Debian GNU/Linux). Support, able to fulfill your requests.IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Yes, 3.Other info: You need to send a postcard of your city to the owner to get a shell, see the page for info.
Hardware: DUAL Athlon XP 1800 – 1 GB RAMOperating system: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0Quota: NO. But one file can be max ~64 MB. (no ISO-Images-Protection).Internet connection: DSL: 768 kbit down, 128 kbit up.Services/programs: bash, csh, tcsh. Homepage PHP4 + MySQL. All popular linux software + compilers. Webmail-Interface + POP3IRC access: Yes, BitchX etc.Background processes allowed: Yes, =
Hardware: 2 Sun SparcServer 2’s, a Sun SparcServer 1+, a SparcServer 10 and a 586.Operating system: SunOS 4.1.4 and Debian LinuxQuota: 500 kB in home directory, 2 MB in web directory.Internet connection: T1 (1.5Mbps).IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: No.Other info: Telnet to and log in as new. To get more than a preview account, then you need to be validated.
Hardware: Intel Pentium 133Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, 2.1GB HDDOperating system: FreeBSD.Internet connection: 128Kbit upstream cable connectionServices/programs: lynx, micq, games, photo album, articles column, etc.IRC access: No. But will consider give to loyal and contributing users access in the future.Background processes allowed: None.Other info: This server is still under testing, so you might encounter occasional downtime. Apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Hardware: Group of Hobbiest Shell Providers, hosted on anything from P2 home machines to Dedicated machines in datacenters scattered across the globe.Operating system: Linux / FreeBSDQuota: Depends on ServerInternet connection: Cable to 5mbitServices/programs: Services are dependant on which server you select, however services we offer include: development tools (gcc, yacc, perl, python, etc.), irssi/bitchx + screen, eggdrops, and webhosting.IRC access: YesBackground processes allowed: Yes, limit determined by server administrators.Other info: We currently have four shell servers in operation, three of which are currently accepting new users. Users must be active in our community in order to keep their shell accounts, as we offer services some other free shell projects do not – some of which can be abusive, so we monitor users very closely.
Hardware: Pentium Celeron 733MHz with 512MB of RAM and 8GB of hard disk space.Operating system: Red Hat Linux, Debian Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenVMS, OpenBSD, Solaris, Ultrix.Quota: 10 MB.Services/programs: FTP access, webspace, POP3/IMAP e-mail, WAP mail reader, MySQL access, Perl, PHP, etc.IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Yes.
Operating system: LinuxQuota: 5 MB for home directory, 1 MB for mail.Services/programs: PHP available. DemoIRC access: No.Background processes allowed: No.Other info: All access are logged on the system. If any suspicious behaviour is detected, the account will be closed immediately without prior notice. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is allowed from the shell account with a normal client (BitchX). No bot, no bouncer or proxy is allowed on the system. When disconnected, the user cannot leave running processes in the system (no daemon, no detached programs). Only SSH connections are allowed to the system. You must change your password every 30 days. If the password has not been changed after this period, the account will be automatically blocked. Only one session at a time per use is allowed. After an inactivity timeout, all idle session are automatically closed.
Hardware: DEC KL-10B (PDP-10).Operating system: TOPS-20 7.1(21733)-4.Quota: 500 pages, +INF by requestInternet connection: Multihomed DS3.Services/programs: EXEC, DDT, TECO, EMACS, VT-TREK, PACMAN, MIDAS, KCC, MACLISP, LYNX, CRiME, ADVENTURE, COMMODE, CRUDE, HAUNT, CHESS, CAVE, WUMPUS, ZORK, MANHUNT, BBOARD, MM and others ..IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Yes, users may DETACH JOBs and reATTACH to them as often as they like.
Hardware: SDF is comprised of 9 systems, four are DEC Alpha dual processor CS20s and 5 DEC Alpha DS10Ls each with 3072MB of RAM each and a total of 764GB shared file storage.Operating system: NetBSD.Quota: 60MB for users, 300MB if you donate.Internet connection: Multihomed DS3 connection.Services/programs: Access to email (elm, mutt, pine, mailx) OR pop3. Mail Forwarding and AutoReply. Local chat (com, send, phone, bboard). Internet chat (talk, icq). Secure Connections via ssh1 or telnet. Choice of UNIX shell: (rc, sh, ash, csh, ksh, zsh, bash, sash, scsh, tcsh, teco, emacs, tclsh, monitor). Hundreds of shell utilities, games and programmes. Network utilities: ping, finger, whois, traceroute. Your URL: access: Yes, for a one time donation of $36 (our membership fee).Background processes allowed: Memberships for muds, bbses and other servers are available.Other info: SDF is one of the oldest and *is* the largest public access UNIX system in existence. SDF is a participant in NetBSD development. SDF is a non-profit organization 501(c)(7) which is supported by user contributions. We are the only public access UNIX system (aside from GREX) that has a large online community of users.. We have a group of wiccans, LISP hackers, teachers, students, religious fanatics, Swedes and Indonesians 😉 You can donate a one time fee ($36), and get access to rlogin, telnet, ftp, irc, tf, lynx, Usenet, compilers, majordomo, and you get a 300 MB quota (members can modify their quota).
Hardware: Dual Opteron 244, 4GB memory, 300Gb diskspace.Operating system: Linux 2.6.3Quota: 50Mb, more on requestInternet connection: 1MbpsServices/programs: www space, php, ftp, compilers, all popular software.IRC access: YesBackground processes allowed: YesOther info: SSH only, no telnet.
Hardware: system: debianQuota: noneInternet connection: dslServices/programs: eggdrop, psybnc other programs installed on requestIRC access: yesBackground processes allowed: yesOther info: How to apply
Hardware: IA-32 architecture. 2.4GHz and 1.8GHz. 1GB DDR RAM per server.Operating system: OpenBSDQuota: 50MB by default. More available upon request.Internet connection: 100MbpsServices/programs: Homepage with Perl and PHP, server-side spamassassin and POP3 access, we’ll install most anything upon request except psybnc nor eggdrops.IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Yes.
Hardware: is made up of 8 computers, ranging from 486SX/25 to AMD K6-2 300.Operating system: Linux.Quota: 10 MB, but you can request more.Internet connection: 56 Kbps modem.Services/programs: The shell comes with email (POPable), web space, and FTP space if you need.IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Yes, but need approval.Other info: The shell account is on one of two machines. It is either on or is the primary shell machine. You will want/get an account on that machine, as long as you are not going to run any continious background processes (i.e. bots). is the machine that is used for background processes, and anything that could be considered enternating (muds, IRC).
Operating system: Debian Linux.IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: No.Other info: Due to the enormous number of requests we’ve had for shell accounts we have to be selective on our members. Please email and state why you’d like to use the services available on this system – it has to be a good reason!
Hardware: AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 2.0Ghz with 768MB RAM and 80GB hard drive.Operating system: Slackware LinuxQuota: 50 MB for /home, 10 MB for mail.Internet connection: ADSL (1500kbps down/384kbps up)Services/programs: Connect via SSH2 only. A personal web page (including PHP4, SSI/CGI if needed). A directory in the anonymous FTP area. POP3 and Webmail access. Access to Pine, elm, Lynx, BX, IRCII, Micq, emacs, crontab, compilers…etc.IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Yes, 4. (Bots, BNC are OK, but no high load processes).Other info: The request form for shells on the homepage is most often closed, due to excessive demand. But it is open every once in a while, so you have to be on the lookout if you want a shell account there! High bandwidth usage is not permitted. Rules are strictly enforced (one warning only).
Hardware: VDSOperating system: Debian linux, stable version.Quota: 20M-100M, depending on need/request system.Internet connection: ~1MB/secServices/programs: scripting (bash, perl, php, html, js), IRC (clients, bots, but NO BNCS), mail (mutt), webspace. Standard services.IRC access: Yes. Clients and eggdrops OK, no BNCs.Background processes allowed: Yes, up to 5.Other info: Please check the MLG website for updated information – what is listed here may be out of date.
Hardware: Dual Celeron 533Mhz, 768MB Registered DRAM, 120GB Storage SpaceOperating system: Fedora Core 2Quota: 200MB Shell/Web hosting + 200MB EmailInternet connection: 512kbps/256kbpsServices/programs: Shell access, web hosting, email, mysql databases, local newsgroups, mailing listsIRC access: No.Background processes allowed: 5
Hardware: Dual Pentium with 160 MB RAM.Operating system: Linux / FreeBSD.Quota: No quota (for now).Internet connection: 1-2Mbit up/down.Services/programs: pop3, imap, ssh, telnet, eggdrops, www etc.. most all and irc works! (own irc). and IPV6 IRC access: Yes.Background processes allowed: Yes.Other info: Webpages are in Finnish, but are being translated to English as well. There is also other shell system FREEBSD, so there is now at moment two shell systems.
Operating system: FreeBSD.Services/programs: ircII, BitchX, webspace, mailing lists etc.IRC access: Yes.Other info: If you are a known person in South Africa, or if someone responsible can vouch for you, you may be given access.
Hardware: AlphaServer 2100 4/275, 128Mb RAM.Operating system: VMS.Quota: 10 MB disk space, 2 interactive processes.Internet connection: ADSL, 512 Kbit up/1Mbit down.Services/programs: Checkwebpage for detailed information.IRC access: Available on request, but accounts not granted solely for this purpose.Background processes allowed: By arrangement and depending on the process to be run.
Hardware: PentiumII 450 w/512mb ram and 20g of space.Operating system: Slackware 9.1.0Quota: reasonable usageInternet connection: Fractional T-1Services/programs: irc,eggdrop,http/php/perl, pop3, webmail, ftp, sshIRC access: Upon AuthorizationBackground processes allowed: Upon AuthorizationOther info: Find out any additional information at and join #Zerged
Hardware: Shell1: AMD Athlon 2600+, 512ram, 10GB hd. Shell2: Dual intel 400mhz, 512ram, 200+6GB hdOperating system: LinuxQuota: 50mb unless you REALLY need moreInternet connection: 2048/512kbit ADSLServices/programs: Irssi, BitchX, gcc, ekg, eggdrop, gcc, php, python, perl, website, email address, ftp, screen, mysql, ipv6, pine, pico, nano, cgi-bin, and whatever else you request…IRC access: YesBackground processes allowed: YesOther info: We do not allow any BNCS, proxies, any applications that act as a server except MUDS (if u still have something you wanna run, come ask the admins)
Server: RedHat LinuxServices: Quota: 20 Mb, IRC access, gcc, cc, perl, php, python, bitchx, pico, emacs, lynx, wget…Background processes allowed, but NO psyBNC, Eggdrop, BNC
Server: Linux installed in a VirtualBox with a limited dedicated energy.Services: ???
Server: Ubuntu linuxSrvices: Web Mail Access, Home page or hosting your own domain name, FTP access, MySQL Database, SSH access…
Server: LinuxServices: ssh, telnet, lynx, BitchX, mail, webspace etc.
Server: Debian LinuxServices: SSH, MySQL database, 1 background process, 10 simultaneously running processes, 25MB bandwidthquota, quota: 10MB
Server: Solaris9 on SPARC64Service: 16 processes, public_html, ftp, email, mysql, php, perl, gcc, g++, irssi, eggdrop, nmap, etc.

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