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Free Facebook Likes is a dream to everyone who is running their own Facebook Page, Today we are going to Teach you, how to get 100 free Facebook Likes on your post in one Minute.

Here you Go!! A very easy and short procedure to get 100 quick

free Facebook likes

on your Facebook Post.

First Thing You Will need in this regards is POST is ID..
Every Post that is published on Facebook has a Unique ID which Facebook allocate to your post upon publishing, The same post ID you will need here to get likes on your post.

facebook likes free

How to Get Facebook Post ID??

Open your post which you already published on facebook and find the time and date of the post, click on the time or date or the [?] button to open up post ID.

You will get the Post opened and in Address bar you get the Post ID which will be like below link.

In above screenshot you have noticed a Unique facebook ID as stated above with an ending like : posts/1848814371858110

Now you got the Post ID and all you need to do is enter the Post id in below page and hit Like button to get immediate 100 Facebook likes to your post.

Kindly make sure your Post is publicly published and can be seen by everyone whether in your friend list or not or in your page liked people or not.

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