How to Get Good Score in Google Pagespeed Insight

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A blogger or web owner is always worried about webpage speed and must have familiar with the most active and common website speed tester i.e. Google PageSpeed ​​Insight. As the name implies, Google PageSpeed ​​Insight is a website made by Google that can be used to test the speed of blog / website. Later, Google PageSpeed ​​Insight will provide an assessment of the quality of your blog speed.

In this case, the assessment results is about on a scale of 1-100 that you can make as a reference. How to Get Good Score in Google Pagespeed Insight The higher the value with green color, the better the quality of your blog / website.

How to use Google Page Speed ​​Insight

How to use google Page Speed Insight?? that is quiet easy. Just like other tools test speeds like GTmetrix or Pingdom Tools. You just need to open the Google PageSpeed ​​Insight website  and type in the URL of your blog / website. Later Google PageSpeed ​​Insight will check your blog overall, then give score assessment, and provide inputs to optimize the performance of your blog. So all the errors or file files that incriminate your blog will be detected from the Google PageSpeed ​​Insight panel.

google website speed test


  1. Represents the score provided by Google PageSpeed.
  2. Some suggestions for optimizing your blog / website.

How to Get Good Score in Google Pagespeed Insight

if you‘ve tried to check on Google PageSpeed ​​insight but the results are much less greati’ve a few tips to get a terrific score (85one hundred) or as a minimum your weblog may be loaded quicker than normalbecause this blog is dynamic (usually changing) and extra photographs, then I assume to get score 100 is simply too difficult Kuy consult with a number of the following suggestions.

Reduce Use of Plugins

To increase the speed of a blog, the first step you should do is reduce the number of plugins. Embed the principle of “Less is Better”. Remove unnecessary plugins, while there is a manual way (edit the theme file) then avoid using plugins. Because plugins actually use CPU resources on the server, if too many plugins ready just full load CPU and result in slow. But that does not mean you do not even use the plugin at all yaa.

How to Get Good Score in Google Pagespeed Insight I still recommend 2 important plugins / must / must be on your blog that is cache plugin (I use WP Rocket) and compress image (I use WP Smush).


CDN or Content Delivery Network is a set of servers scattered around the world that serves to provide faster access via the nearest server than by accessing content from the main server. Although I am not currently using CDN for some reason ? I still recommend CLoudFlare which is still consistently providing CDN for free.

How to Get Good Score in Google Pagespeed Insight Of course you can also get the CDN feature of this cloudflare for free.

To link the website with a full cloudflare account  Besides using CDN from Cloudflare also gives its users free SSL (HTTPS) feature.

Server Selection

If this is an optional yes may be tried or not. How to Get Good Score in Google Pagespeed Insight Many say if the target visitor from your blog is Indonesia, then just use server IIX or Indonesia.

if your blog visitor target is US citizen, make sure you also use US server. Technically, it’s true that the closer the distance between the vistor and the location of the server is, the faster it will load.

But all returned to their respective tastes. How to Get Good Score in Google Pagespeed Insight? Most importantly I always recommend to use LiteSpeed ​​webserver instead of Nginx or Apache. Because the benchmark comparison is too far away.

Well if you apply some of these tips correctly, it is not possible you will get a good score on the test Google PageSpeed ​​Insight.

Good luck and hopefully useful How to Get Good Score in Google Pagespeed Insight

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