Make Fake FB Account without email or cell number in 1 minute

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Create Facebook Account without cell number or email address : Today we are going to guide you on how to make account on most popular social network FACEBOOK without having email address or cell number. Make facebook account without email address or cell fone just in few steps, here is what you need to do for free facebook account without email.

Many people these days are using their own facebook account with their original and verified email addresses and personal mobile phone number, but want to have an alternate email address to have Net friends kept in, for that they need another email address and phone number to make facebook account without email address.

We made it easy for those who want to have another facebook account for some purpose.

(Please note, this is for learning purpose and not for any illegal use.) 

A simple guide to make Facebook Account without cell number and email address just in few steps.

1. ) Open (10 min is disposal email website)

or any other disposal email website by googling “temporary email address”
2.  ) In 10min website,this website give you a temporary email, copy this email.

3. ) Open ,fill up the form and paste email in email section.
4. ) Click on Sign Up ,your account will we created on facebook.

5. ) Go to (step 1) tab and refresh the page ,now you see a mail come from facebook ,open that email click on confirm now button and your fake facebook account process is completed.

fake fb acccount


with the Help of above trick make your new facebook id without any permanent email address or account free.
Note :
Do not use this trick for any illegal purpose.

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