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iPhone is most widely and number 1 using phone in the world, It gives best experience to the users. It is saying that iPhone is not user friendly but the fact is there is no match of iPhone. We are going to share with you today most common iPhone tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will help you get alot of your iPhone.

What is the most common problem you face in iPhone? iPhone Battery Problem?

Different people face different type of issues in iPhone depends on their use so its hard to determine any specific problem as most common one. However iPhone users face battery problem most of the times.

Improve battery life

iPhone users Longer battery life is what many iPhone users wish for.

The One of the main reasons for the short battery life is due to apps running in the background.

However, there is now a way you can turn off Spotlight- which is Apple’s service for connecting key data and services to help apps run.

So Go to Settings – General – Spotlight Search and you can limit what is pulling in the data in the background.

Check signal strength


Is there anything worse than being desperate to send that text but your signal is poor or being in the middle of a phone call and the connection breaks?

Well, now you can find out where the best place for a strong signal is where ever you are.

Type *3001#12345#* into your phone’s dialling keypad and press call.

This then will launch a hidden Field Test tool.

At the top on the left hand side you will then see a ‘-’ sign followed by a number. It is the number which indicates if you have good signal where you are.

A score of -50 is what you are aiming for, with -120 being pretty poor.




Iphone Tips and Tricks

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